MaxAvSafety: Unusual Incidant : MidAtlantic; Automated Mayday XMitted in Error

Incident: Aeromexico B788 over Atlantic on Sep 22nd 2016, automated declaration of Emergency reporting engine failure

An Aeromexico Boeing 787-800, registration N783AM performing flight AM-3 from Mexico City (Mexico) to Paris Charles de Gaulle (France), was enroute at FL410 over the Atlantic Ocean at about position N47.69 W34.6 about 740nm east of St. John’s,NL (Canada) and about 1460nm west of Paris, when the aircraft transmitted an automated Mayday message to Gander Oceanic Centre reporting an engine (GEnx) failure and requesting a diversion to Gander,NL (Canada). Gander Oceanic Centre cleared the flight for the diversion and transmitted the clearance, but then received a number of automated reports indicating that operations were normal and the flight was continuing to destination. The aircraft continued to Paris for a safe landing about 3 hours later.

The Canadian TSB reported that soon after the automated reports indicating normal operations despite the earlier automated emergency declaration Gander Oceanic Centre received a message stating, that the emergency message had been sent with no apparent reason. (AvSafetyNet)


Yet another check in the “automation is a blessing and a curse” column. Interesting story, thanks for sharing Max.

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