MaxAvSafety: Tornado Nashville, Multiple AC STRIKE! (damaged beyond repair!)



I saw this on the news last night. Some of the planes looked like they would fly again, while others were in multiple pieces. It’s a miracle that it did not hit the international airport.

This was a massive EF5 tornado and its damage was terrible. Prayers to the family members of the 25 lost.


C172’s Flipped over??? Wow this is scary 😨

Imagine being in the air when a tornado forms in a little GA aircraft. I imagine there would he restrictions everywhere before though.

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I saw this yesterday. There were decent sized bizjets that were standing on their main gear/tail.

I just read about this tornado earlier. Really scary what these people went through, especially because most people were sound asleep when this blew through. I’m glad it didn’t hit the main airport though! Prayers to everyone affected.

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Well to be fair you’d have to be pretty dumb to get into that situation. You’d have to already be in a GA plane in a severe supercell, which means you already have strong updrafts in the front, downdrafts in the back, and whipping wind everywhere in between. Not to mention hail, pouring rain, and some of the most unstable air imaginable. So ya, a tornado in a GA plane would be 10/10 scary if you are not already dead. Not to mention that the tornado could be rain wrapped and never be visible till it’s too late, or on the opposite end never develop a funnel cloud, those are the most scary… 😳

I was in Nashville for the tornado. My hotel was about a quarter mile from that airport. Pretty scary, especially while you’re asleep at one in the morning. I heard that airport got flattened and one news channel lost their helicopter. Unfortunately ~25 lives were lost in this tornado and hundreds of buildings are leveled to the ground. Prayers to all affected.


Wow that’s scary! Glad your made it out ok.

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