MaxAvSafety (Today in History): 19/21/89. Tan414, Approach “Pilot Error” PPPP (Video)

MaxSez: Provided as Professional knowledge Gained. This Accidant is an an avoidable Strike Loss caused by “Pilot Error”! Failure to Pre-Flight and follow prescribed procedure outlined in publish Flight Information Publications (FLIP’s) in the Approach phase of a sortie is right there at the top of cause factors in a majority of A/C losses. This crews failure killed 131 and injured 15! Aviation is serious business, IF is not a game if your in it for an education. It’s a career or vocation steppping stone.

Accident description
Last updated: 21 October 2017
Status: Preliminary - official
Date: Saturday 21 October 1989
Time: 07:53

Boeing 727-224
Operating for: TAN Honduras (Transportes Aéreos Nacionales)
Leased from: Continental Air Lines
Registration: N88705
C/n / msn: 19514/597
First flight: 1968-06-21 (21 years 4 months)
Engines: 3 Pratt & Whitney JT8D-9A
Crew: Fatalities: 4 / Occupants: 8
Passengers: Fatalities: 127 / Occupants: 138
Total: Fatalities: 131 / Occupants: 146
Airplane damage: Destroyed
Airplane fate: Written off (damaged beyond repair)
Location: 9 km (5.6 mls) S of Tegucigalpa-Toncontin Airport (TGU) ( Honduras)
Crash site elevation: 1463 m (4800 feet) amsl
Phase: Approach (APR)
Nature: International Scheduled Passenger
Departure airport: Managua-Augusto C Sandino Airport (MGA/MNMG), Nicaragua
Destination airport: Tegucigalpa-Toncontin Airport (TGU/MHTG), Honduras
Flightnumber: 414
TAN-SAHSA flight 414, a Boeing 727-200 was a scheduled flight from San José (SJO), Costa Rica to Tegucigalpa (TGU), Honduras with an intermediate stop at Managua (MGA), Nicaragua.
At the end of the final leg of the flight, the crew were cleared by Tegucigalpa ATC for the VOR/DME runway 01 approach, which includes a series of three step-downs from the initial approach fix altitude of 7500 ft MSL to avoid high terrain in the neighborhood of the airport. Rather than following the prescribed step-down procedure, however, the crew began a continuous descent from about 7600 ft MSL at about 11 NM from the airport to the accident site. The aircraft’s descent profile was well below the published step-down course for the entire approach. The aircraft impacted a mountain known as Cerro de Hula at the 4800 ft MSL elevation, approximately 800 ft below the summit, 4.8 NM from the Tegucigalpa runway 01 threshold. At impact, the aircraft was in approach configuration.
(Source: AvSafNet Photo: Public Domaine)


Please stop. This is just being petty. Max has created a high-quality, interesting and education read for all of us, and instead of showing gratitude you seem to want to nitpick the smallest issues out of it.

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