MaxAvSafety: Sunday recurring Test Topic. (WW Crashes/Incidents)

MaxSez: Below find a Wkly compendium of WW aviation reported
“Incidents” & “Accidents” FYI. It will be posted every Sunday base on community interest evident by “Like” votes…(Voting ends at midnight EST this date) MaxSends

Saturday Oct 12th 2019

Incident\ 20x20 Delta MD90 at Philadelphia on Oct 12th 2019, could not retract the nose gear

Accident\ 20x20 Silverstone F50 at Nairobi on Oct 11th 2019, overran runway on rejected takeoff

Friday Oct 11th 2019

Incident\ 20x20 Bradley AT42 at Kugluktuk on Aug 28th 2019, two pops on departure

Incident\ 20x20 Volaris A320 at Tijuana on Oct 9th 2019, bird strike

Crash\ 20x20 Lion B38M near Jakarta on Oct 29th 2018, aircraft lost height and crashed into Java Sea, wrong AoA data

Crash\ 20x20 Ethiopian B38M near Bishoftu on Mar 10th 2019, impacted terrain after departure

Incident\ 20x20 Lufthansa A321 at Hamburg on Jul 23rd 2019, near collision with sail plane

Accident\ 20x20 Sky Express AT42 at Naxos on Jul 12th 2019, runway excursion on backtrack for departure

Incident\ 20x20 Smartwings B738 over Aegean Sea on Aug 22nd 2019, engine shut down in flight, aircraft continued to Prague

Thursday Oct 10th 2019

Incident\ 20x20 United B738 at San Francisco on Oct 9th 2019, bird strike

Incident\ 20x20 Xiamen B738 at Qingdao on Oct 4th 2019, stick shaker upon rotation due to insect

Incident\ 20x20 India B788 at Hong Kong on Oct 20th 2018, descended to 200 feet AGL 2.6nm short of the runway

Incident\ 20x20 Southwest B737 near Buffalo on Oct 8th 2019, smoke in cockpit

Incident\ 20x20 Lufthansa A346 at San Francisco on Oct 9th 2019, continuous engine problem

Incident\ 20x20 Allegiant A319 near Jacksonville on Oct 10th 2019, electrical burning odour associated with avionics

News\ 20x20 FAA issues Airworthiness Directive on cracks in pickle forks on Boeing 737NG aircraft

Accident\ 20x20 Mars AN74 at Mogadishu on Oct 9th 2019, gear up landing

Report\ 20x20 United B763 at London on Apr 29th 2019, smoke in cabin

Wednesday Oct 9th 2019

Incident\ 20x20 Porter DH8D at Toronto on Aug 7th 2019, hydraulic issue

Incident\ 20x20 Austral E190 at Buenos Aires on Sep 29th 2019, engine shut down in flight

Accident\ 20x20 BoA B733 at La Paz on Aug 3rd 2019, main wheels rotate in relation to gear strut

Incident\ 20x20 BoA B733 at La Paz on Nov 1st 2017, gear fracture

Accident\ 20x20 Peruvian B735 at La Paz on Nov 22nd 2018, both main gear struts collapse on landing

Incident\ 20x20 BoA B733 at La Paz on Mar 7th 2019, fracture of left shimmy damper on landing

Accident\ 20x20 UAA AN12 at Lviv on Oct 4th 2019, ran out of fuel

Incident\ 20x20 Canada B763 at Halifax on Mar 4th 2019, pirouette on roll out

Tuesday Oct 8th 2019

Incident\ 20x20 Ethiopian B763 at Dakar on Oct 8th 2019, uncontained engine failure and fire

Incident\ 20x20 United B739 near Tampa on Oct 8th 2019, smell of smoke

Incident\ 20x20 Easyjet A319 at Alicante on Oct 4th 2019, bird strike

Report\ 20x20 bmi E145 at Norrkoping on Oct 17th 2018, captured false localizer signal, loss of separation

Monday Oct 7th 2019

Incident\ 20x20 Vueling A320 at Barcelona on Oct 6th 2019, engine shut down in flight

Incident\ 20x20 ASL France B734 at Milan on Oct 1st 2019, bird strike

Incident\ 20x20 Azul E190 near Brasilia on Oct 6th 2019, cabin pressure problems

Incident\ 20x20 United B789 near Bangor on Oct 6th 2019, loss of cabin pressure

Incident\ 20x20 Swiss A320 at Palma Mallorca on Oct 6th 2019, cargo door indication

Incident\ 20x20 American B763 over Atlantic on Sep 26th 2019, burning odour in cabin and cockpit

Incident\ 20x20 Delta MD88 at Savannah on Oct 3rd 2019, rejected takeoff due to engine failure, debris set grass alight

Incident\ 20x20 Southwest B737 at Louisville on Oct 4th 2019, bird strike

Incident\ 20x20 Northern Cargo B763 at San Juan on Oct 4th 2019, touched down short of runway

Report\ 20x20 India A319 at Chennai on Sep 29th 2017, severe hard landing detected only after 30 more sectors

Sunday Oct 6th 2019

Incident\ 20x20 KLM B773 at Amsterdam on Oct 6th 2019, suspect flat nose tyre

Incident\ 20x20 Austrian A320 at Zurich on Oct 4th 2019, could not retract gear

Incident\ 20x20 Piedmont E145 at Roanoke on Oct 5th 2019, lavatory smoke indication

Incident\ 20x20 Delta A320 at Austin on Oct 5th 2019, engine shut down in flight

Incident\ 20x20 Hainan A333 at St. Petersburg on Oct 6th 2019, flaps problem

Incident\ 20x20 Flybe DH8D at Leeds on Oct 6th 2019, unsafe gear

Saturday Oct 5th 2019

Incident\ 20x20 ANZ A320 at Christchurch on Oct 5th 2019, could not retract landing gear

Incident\ 20x20 Gulf A20N at Karachi on Oct 5th 2019, rejected takeoff due to bird strike

Incident\ 20x20 Malta Air B738 at Cologne on Oct 5th 2019, dual FMS failure

Incident\ 20x20 Kenya E190 at Nairobi on Oct 4th 2019, passenger oxygen masks released

Accident\ 20x20 British Airways A320 near Basel on Oct 5th 2019, smoke in cabin

Incident\ 20x20 KLM B738 at Glasgow on Oct 4th 2019, mystery icev

(Source: AvHerald, By subscription, Public Domine)


Wow I never thought it was this common.


Wow, I’m really in shock by this. So many problems in such a small time frame.😬

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I’m not sure this is entirely necessary as those who want can just head over to avherald to find this information instead of copying and pasting it onto the IFC. I’ll leave up to @DeerCrusher to say whether it should stay or not.

This is something Max has done for years. Kind of like his signature type of topic. I don’t mind it. 🙂


I find this incident interesting:


Loss of separation and loss of situational awareness. Not monitoring instruments/MFDs.

They would’ve been ghosted in IF.

Worth a read


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