MaxAvSafety: “Stuff Happens”. On Trainer & Expert Server!

MaxSez; We have been Plagued for weeks with redundant and repetitive negative Topics with robust accompanying one line no nothing commentary about the absence of piloting skills, particularly on the training server but most disheartening are the topic/complaints levied against the so called experts on the so called expert server at uncontrolled Fields.

Please knock off the complaint and retorts!, We’ve heard them all before!

Keep in mind that incident happen in the real world which mimic some of the actions we note on our servers. The following safety report tells the tale, tap to open the link!


" It attempted to pass the Boeing 777 but the A330's left-hand wing tip impacted the right hand horizontal stabilizer of the B777."

Yeah. Training in a nutshell lmao


@Altaria55. MaxSez: FYI Unfortunately Wings Strikes incidents Statistics are not held in a public databas e by the FAA or NTSB. But from experience they happen often. RW Cockpit design and inattention are the main culprits. On IF it’s ignorance and impatience.
All private RW GA incurred incidents require self reporting which is deemed private.
Just Sayin, Max

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