MaxAvSafety: Strike/Incident Wkly Summary

Thursday Nov 3rd 2016
Incident American B738 at Dallas and Boston on Nov 3rd 2016, arrived with flap, engine and tyre damage
Incident Rossiya A320 near Rostov on Nov 3rd 2016, failure of domestic equipment
Wednesday Nov 2nd 2016
Incident Pegasus B738 near Moscow on Nov 2nd 2016, descent without clearance results in TCAS RA
Incident Lufthansa A321 at Dusseldorf on Nov 2nd 2016, rejected takeoff due to flock of geese
Tuesday Nov 1st 2016
Incident KLM B739 at Amsterdam on Nov 1st 2016, on an engine and a half following multiple bird strikes
Incident Saudia A321 at Cairo on Nov 1st 2016, brakes problem
Incident VivaColombia A320 at Bogota on Nov 1st 2016, overheated brakes lead to evacuation
Incident Avianca A320 at Bogota on Nov 1st 2016, hydraulic failure
Incident Lufthansa A320 at Munich on Nov 1st 2016, rejected takeoff due to door indication
Incident AirAsia A320 at Kota Bharu on Nov 1st 2016, runway excursion during backtrack
Monday Oct 31st 2016
Incident Germanwings A319 at Hamburg on Oct 31st 2016, rejected takeoff due to asymmetric thrust
Accident Southwest B738 near Las Vegas on Oct 31st 2016, turbulence injures two cabin crew
Incident Corendon Dutch B738 at Frankfurt on Oct 31st 2016, suspected burst tyre on landing
Incident Progress TsSKB AN26 at Kazan on Oct 31st 2016, engine problems
Accident Canada E190 at Regina on Oct 31st 2016, trolley on the loose during landing roll
Sunday Oct 30th 2016
Incident Jazz DH8A near Montreal on Oct 30th 2016, difficulty to fly left turns
Incident UTAir B738 at Moscow on Oct 30th 2016, asymmetric flaps
Incident Hong Kong A333 at Hong Kong on Oct 30th 2016, rejected takeoff due to engine failure
Incident American A319 near Denver on Oct 30th 2016, smoke in cabin
Saturday Oct 29th 2016
Incident Envoy CRJ7 at Chicago on Oct 29th 2016, bird strike
Friday Oct 28th 2016
Incident Finnair A321 at Helsinki on Oct 28th 2016, ATC operational error corrected by flight crew
Incident United B764 at Barcelona on Oct 28th 2016, rejected takeoff due to engine failure
Accident Fedex MD10 at Fort Lauderdale on Oct 28th 2016, main gear collapse on landing, aircraft on fire
Accident American B763 at Chicago on Oct 28th 2016, rejected takeoff, fire at right hand wing due to uncontained engine failure
Incident Volaris A320 near Glasgow on Oct 28th 2016, loss of communication on delivery flight
Thursday Oct 27th 2016
Incident Argentinas A332 at Buenos Aires on Oct 27th 2016, engine failure
Incident Germanwings A332 at Palma Mallorca and Cologne on Oct 27th 2016, hydraulic leak
Incident Aerounion A30B at Mexico City on Oct 27th 2016, repeated engine surges
Accident Eastern Air Lines B737 at New York on Oct 27th 2016, overran runway on landing long
Incident Virgin America A319 at Dallas on Oct 27th 2016, rudder control issues
Wednesday Oct 26th 2016
Incident Jazz DH8D at Sault Ste. Marie on Oct 26th 2016, CG out of limits due to cargo hold not emptied
Incident Provincial DH8C at Wabush on Oct 26th 2016, the micro fault
Incident Delta A332 at Seattle on Oct 26th 2016, engine fire indication
Tuesday Oct 25th 2016
Incident ANA B789 near Everett on Oct 25th 2016, engine shut down on delivery flight
Monday Oct 24th 2016
Incident Swiss RJ1H at Zurich on Oct 24th 2016, oil fumes in cockpit
Accident British Airways A388 near Vancouver on Oct 24th 2016, fumes on board, 26 treated for smoke inhalation
Incident Caribbean AT72 at Port of Spain on Oct 24th 2016, engine fire indication
Incident United B752 at Belfast on Oct 24th 2016, unsafe nose gear indication
Sunday Oct 23rd 2016
Incident Jazz DH8D at Ottawa on Oct 23rd 2016, incredibly high engine oil pressure
Incident Gol B737 at Belo Horizonte and Sao Paulo on Oct 23rd 2016, slat problem
Incident Azur B752 at Kemerovo on Oct 23rd 2016, runway excursion while turning around for backtrack after landing
Incident India A320 at Udaipur on Oct 23rd 2016, burst tyre on takeoff
Incident Delta MD88 at Springfield on Oct 23rd 2016, engine compressor stall
Incident Cityjet RJ85 near Dublin on Oct 23rd 2016, cracked windshield
Saturday Oct 22nd 2016
Accident White AT72 at Lisbon on Oct 22nd 2016, both nose wheels separated on hard landing
Incident TUIFly B738 at Sonderborg on Oct 22nd 2016, runway excursion during turn to line up
Friday Oct 21st 2016
Incident Wings Abadi AT72 near Jakarta on Oct 21st 2016, two hydraulic systems failed, brakes failed on taxi


Lol if I wasn’t so in love with aviation this might just be enough to deter me…lucky thing I have a stomach of steel.


This flight came from Panama😬


Well done, Boeing 👍👌


That’s gotta be embarrassing.


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