MaxAvSafety: RW Commercial Incident/Accident Rpt. 5/14/18

MaxSez: Provided as RW Professional Knowledge Gained. Pls add corrections, follow ups, first person accounts and related video’s by comment.
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Saturday May 19th 2018
Incident Endeavor CRJ9 at Lexington on May 19th 2018, runway excursion on landing
Crash Global Damojh B732 at Havana on May 18th 2018, lost height shortly after takeoff
Incident United B739 at Chicago on May 16th 2018, flaps problem
Incident Skywest CRJ2 at Chattanooga on May 18th 2018, runway in need to be illuminated
Incident PAL Express DH8D near Manila on May 19th 2018, smoke in cabin
Incident Pobeda B738 near Moscow on May 19th 2018, engine shut down in flight
Friday May 18th 2018
Incident Laudamotion A320 near Thessaloniki on May 17th 2018, cracked windshield
Incident Blue Island AT72 near Jersey on May 15th 2018, hydraulic failure
Incident Wizz A320 at Sibiu on May 18th 2018, bird strike
Incident Indigo A320 at Lucknow on May 18th 2018, rejected takeoff due to engine fault
Incident Ryanair B738 at Malta on May 18th 2018, rejected takeoff due to door indication
Accident TAM A332 over Atlantic on Sep 2nd 2013, turbulence injures 15
Incident Indigo A320 near Bhubaneswar on Apr 27th 2017, first officer incapacitated
Thursday May 17th 2018
Incident Lufthansa A343 near Amsterdam on May 17th 2018, engine vibrations
Report Jordan B734 at Tombouctou on May 5th 2017, overran runway on landing
Accident Sichuan A319 near Chengdu on May 14th 2018, burst windshield
Incident Volaris A320 at Uruapan on May 6th 2018, bird strike
Incident VivaAerobus A320 at Merida on May 2nd 2018, gear problem after departure
Incident Royal Maroc AT72 at Al Hoceima on Apr 25th 2018, hard touchdown during go around
Incident Qantas A333 near Melbourne on Apr 14th 2018, loss of cabin pressure
Incident SAS A320 at Hamburg on May 11th 2018, overran runway on landing
Incident Ryanair B738 at Hamburg on May 15th 2018, overran runway on landing
Wednesday May 16th 2018
Incident Avianca Brasil A320 at Juazeiro do Norte on May 15th 2018, bird strike
Incident Ural A320 near Samarkand on May 15th 2018, technical problem
Incident Qantas B738 at Queenstown on May 16th 2018, flaps problem
Incident Wind Rose E145 at Zaporozhye on Mar 3rd 2018, runway excursion on landing
Incident SriLankan A333 near Muscat on May 7th 2018, low fuel or security issue?
Accident Transavia B738 near Vienna on May 13th 2018, eight passengers become sick on board
Tuesday May 15th 2018
Incident United B789 at Tokyo on May 14th 2018, rejected takeoff due to burst tyre
Incident Alaska A21N near Philadelphia on May 15th 2018, engine shut down in flight
Crash Khabarovsk L410 at Nelkan on Nov 15th 2017, impacted ground short of runway, right propeller went into reverse in flight
Incident Nesma A320 at Abha on Apr 28th 2017, overran runway on landing
Incident Arabia A320 near Riyadh on Mar 17th 2016, cargo smoke indication, delayed emergency services prompt evacuation
Accident Smartwings B738 at Budapest on Mar 23rd 2018, smoke from tug prompts evacuation
Accident Saudia A333 at Lucknow on Dec 27th 2017, nose wheel divorced
Incident Sudan A306 at Jeddah on Nov 29th 2017, engine failure on touch down
Incident Saudia A321 at Bisha on Mar 20th 2017, nose gear damage during landing
Monday May 14th 2018
Incident Frontier A319 near Denver on May 14th 2018, unidentified odour on board
Incident PIA AT42 at Bahawalpur on May 12th 2018, engine fire indication
Incident Small Planet A321 near Sofia on May 13th 2018, cracked windshield
Incident Southwest B737 near Los Angeles on May 13th 2018, smoke in cockpit
Incident Westjet B737 at Saskatoon on Apr 19th 2018, rejected takeoff due to wrong flap setting
Accident Sky Express JS41 at Rhodes on Feb 2nd 2015, gear collapse and runway excursion on landing
Incident Southwest B737 near Dallas on May 12th 2018, loss of cabin pressure
Incident Avion Express A320 at Stuttgart on May 2nd 2018 and May 4th 2018, both engines leak oil
Incident TuiFly B738 near Arvidsjaur on Jan 15th 2018, first officer incapacitated
Sunday May 13th 2018
Incident Alaska B738 at Portland on May 13th 2018, possible fire on board
Incident France A319 near Venice on May 6th 2018, two Air Data Reference units failed
Incident Jetblue A320 over Gulf of Mexico on May 13th 2018, failure of weather radar
Saturday May 12th 2018
Incident Thai Lion B39M at Chiang Mai on May 12th 2018, engine shut down in flight
Incident Avior MD83 near Port au Prince on May 11th 2018, fuel system problems
Incident Rex SF34 at Adelaide on May 12th 2018, hydraulic failure…END
(Source: Public Domaine; AvHerald)


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