MaxAvSafety: Push Back Gets Pushed Back (Video)

MaxSez: The Ramp is a Dangerous Place on TS-1. Here’s a RW example of a TS-1 incident that happened to me 3 times today. (Just because your cleared for taxi boy’s & girls ya gotta give way and not run thru people! You’ll get to be first at the threshold or parking eventually!)


Did anyone get hurt please tell me coz this looks serious?


According to the video, there were six (6) non life threatening injuries.


Wow. I mean seriously. I hate to show my ignorance, but…can we not just look out the window on occasion? I understand the visibility was bad, but I think they are still supposed to be under VFR while on the ground. 😂 Great video and an unfortunate perfect example of why we should all “give way” on occasion.

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@Marns… MaxSez.: Happened at Minneapolis in 2005. Here’s a press rpt. NTSB Final Report s available on line if you want to search for it:

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) – A Northwest Airlines DC-9 that had reported hydraulic problems collided with a Northwest Airbus on the ground at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, injuring six people.

The accident happened shortly after 7:30 p.m. Tuesday when the DC-9 landing from Columbus, Ohio, lost control of steering as it was taxiing to its gate and the Airbus was backing away from its gate for takeoff to San Antonio.

The DC-9 had 94 passengers and five crew members on board. The Airbus was carrying 38 passengers and five crew members.

The injured included four crew members from the DC-9, including the pilots, and two ground employees. No passengers were hurt during the incident, but afterward one passenger complained of shortness of breath and was treated as a precaution.

None of the injuries appeared life-threatening, said Northwest spokesman Thomas Becher.

‘‘Once we got close to the terminal, everyone was just kind of waiting to pop the belt and start getting off the plane,’’ Toray Henry, a DC-9 passenger from Columbus, told KSTP-TV. ‘‘It seemed like it kind of surged into the other plane. We knew that it hit another plane, and that’s why I think most of us were concerned about an explosion.’’

Passengers on both planes were evacuated, said Pat Hogan, spokesman for the Metropolitan Airports Commission. The escape slide on the Airbus had been deployed.

After the crash, the DC-9 appeared to be partially lodged underneath the Airbus. The top of the DC-9’s cockpit area was sliced by the Airbus’ wing, and the fuselage made contact with the tail section of the Airbus, Hogan said.

The Star Tribune reported the DC-9’s first officer and captain were injured, apparently when the cockpit was damaged.


Funny that you made a topic about this, I watched this video earlier today.

(Skip to 1:27)

A bit different to your situation. For this case, I’d put the blame on ATC. Although Southwest should have seen the plane pushing in front of him.




May want to change that 😉


Seen that NWA collision video heaps of times. The two aircraft became a tangle of wires and fuselage. But I do feel people need to care more on TS1 and not just treat it as a simulator.

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Ooh thank God that everyone is OK ,dam I hate this type of thing u know …it make’s me sad but now iam cool.thanx for the infor

Max I have a solution to that and you’re gonna love it 😂


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