MaxAvSafety: No 2d Chance the "MicroBurst"!

MaxSez: Not yet in IF, But Soon! Heads up practice makes perfect


Keeping an eye on ground speed in these conditions as well as throttle control makes all the difference.

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I actually witnessed a microburst here in NYC a few years back. I could only imagine how the passengers felt on DL191.


@zbelle… Power/energy is not gonna help you at 800’ AGL. The pic should have hit that TOGA slot when the FO said lightning. Keep that ego in your pant on Approach, lives depend on it.

Wasn’t this the crash of the L110 Tristar at DFW

Yes it was. Idr if it was DFW or ATL.

It was a flight from FLL to LAX via DFW

FYI: On August 2, 1985, at 1805:52 central daylight time, Delta Air Lines Flight 191, a Lockheed L-1011-385-1, N726DA, crashed while approaching to land on runway 17L at the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, Texas.

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Great read…


Now RWY 17C

BTW: If you have ever been to founders plaza; the 17s are on the other side of the terminal

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Good watch. “Windshear and Microburst Review”

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