MaxAvSafety: Initial Incident Rep: (current synopsis ). EL-3453 (Pence)

An Eastern Air Lines Boeing 737-700, registration N278EA performing charter flight EAL-3452 from Fort Dodge,IA to New York La Guardia,NY (USA) with 37 people on board, landed on La Guardia’s runway 22 in rain and reduced visibility at 19:40L (23:40Z), however, overran the end of the runway, was slowed by the runway arrestor bed (EMAS) and came to a stop about 60 meters/200 feet past the runway end and about 40 meters/130 feet to the right of the extended runway center line. One occupant received minor injuries, the aircraft received minor if any damage.

The FAA reported one occupants received minor back injuries when the aircraft landed long and went off the runway into the overrun area. The damage to the aircraft is being assessed.

Preliminary radar data suggest the aircraft was on a normal approach profile descending through 250 feet AGL at 135 knots over ground, after touch down was still doing 132 knots over ground about 1400 meters/4600 feet past the runway threshold with about 700 meters/2300 feet of runway remaining.

Ground observers reported it was raining hard at the time of touch down, water was splashing everywhere from the aircraft.

The aerodrome was closed for about 40 minutes as result of the occurrence, the runway 04/22 was closed until about 04:00L the following day for about 8:20 hours until the aircraft was removed from the runway.

The NTSB have opened an investigation and dispatched investigators on site.

The aircraft had been chartered for one of the US presidential election campaigns and was carrying one of the candidates to become vice president.


Eastern Airlines is still operating?

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Where are you getting this information Max? Eastern was liquidated in 1991 and never had 737s in its fleet. The 737-700 first flew in 1997.

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@Codeman… I stand corrected I used multiple sources and extrapolated. Eastern Flt number appeared to equate to a Leasing co. United/Consolidated etc. never considered the aircraft model or Eastern’s former inventory type.
Appears you have better sources and resources. Pls fill in the blanks. I’ll correct my previous comment. Regrets, Max

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@anon45516261. The data I feed you on Eastern demise was correct. Where Pens acquired the accident aircraft or type was incorrect, Regrets. @Codeman may have the answer. . Regards All. Max

@Maxmustang this was the new Eastern Airlines. No relation to the old one. There’s a blurb on their Wikipedia page about the incident. Sorry about the confusion.

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