MaxAvSafety: Incident: United B763 over Atlantic on 10/23 cracked windshield! (US)

A United Boeing 767-300, registration N662UA performing flight UA-51 from Newark,NJ (USA) to Madrid,SP (Spain) with 221 people on board, was enroute at FL340 over the Atlantic Ocean about 260nm east of Boston,MA (USA) when the crew requested to descend to FL260 due to a cracked windshield. After turning around to return to Newark the crew requested to descend to FL100, during the descent the crew requested to stop at FL240, following collecting wind reports for several altitudes the crew requested to descend to FL140. The aircraft landed safely back on Newark’s runway 04R about 100 minutes after leaving FL340.

The flight was cancelled. The occurrence aircraft resumed service after 42 hours on the ground. (AvHerald)


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It says at the end. Here is a link:

Please read

It’s best to directly link the article or else it’s a burden for the reader.

Exactly @Noroftheair

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The information on this topic is copied from Aviation Herald so there is no need in my eyes for a link

But some people want to look into it. Just because you don’t need one doesn’t mean that there isn’t someone who does.

In fact, there may have been crucial omitted information in this.

There is no given year, which was something I began to wonder.

It’s not hard to find though simply type in Aviation Herald and everything is at the top. The whole point of this topic is to trigger conversation regarding this, so if you wanted to know some information ask.

I have searched the incident, and I have discovered that it in fact occurred on 10/13, not 10/23. This is another reason why linking sources are useful.

Well considering its only 10/19 it would be pretty crazy if he knew of an event that would happen on the 23rd!


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