MaxAvSafety: Ga. GA Crash... Pilot Pattern Error, 2 Fers!

MaxSez: Calling your turns and “Final” on Unicom is an imperative. Fly right or you whind up “Teet’s Up”!


Very sad story. Pilots should’ve known to communicate via Unicom especially one who is in training.


A little disturbing that some of the AJC photos show the victims in the wreckage. You have to look for it, I guess that’s why they didn’t bother to blur the images. Sad story.

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Very sad story. Accidents like these are easily avoided though, if people just follow the set procedures and communicate.

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Sad story there. Hope this doesn’t happen much again…

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Figured it was a com error on one or both parts. CTAF can be tricky and you need to keep a vigilant eye on traffic call outs and alway confirm if you have any questions on their current location. Had a mishap in the pattern a few months back it was a busy day 6 aircraft in the pattern. 3 on departure 3 in inbound including myself. Aircraft calls out #2 on the downwind. Which would make me #3 as I was turning crosswind at the time. I had aircraft #1 in sight and what I thought was #2 coming in behind him. So I turned downwind as soon as I leveled my wings I saw the actual #2 with the Cessna departing the pattern. Forcing the guy I should have been following to make a 360. Another lesson learned in the process of aviating.


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