MaxAvSafety: Final Publication: Latest Greatest Pilot Error/Incident to Date!

MaxSez: Due to lack of interest this Wkly AvSafty Series is discontinued.

The following report just highlights the danger of professional arrogance.
There are old Pilots ect. These guys in this Incidant just epitomize a complete lack of training, professionalism and common sense when Pax Lives are at risk… Study,Practice & Performence Knowledge is key.

Note: Those interested in AVSafety Reporting should see “Aviation Safety Net” or
“Aviation Herald” on the Net.


Hmm it’s like TS1 in real life actually make that casual in in real life

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Lack of interest? What do you mean, I’m sure we all loved you making these topics


What?! I read these, because it was easier to find then online.

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