MaxAvSafety: Ethiopia 737MAX Strike, Interim Investigation Rpt. (Link to Full Rpt for the Pro's)

MaxSez: Provided as Professional Knowledge Gained.


Can’t imagine what it would be like to battle the aircraft to the ground.


The blood is on Boeing’s hands, simple as that.

And the pilots who failed follow check list procedure, and the airlines who failed to listen to Boeing when they said don’t fly the MAX until future notice and when Boeing recommended two MCAS systems for a back up in case one fail.


Oops. I guess I didn’t read thorough enough. :|

I just meant in a nutshell, but yes. The ethics of the crash were very questionable.

I wonder why the MAX is still grounded. All that is needed is to do is make sure that pilots follow the check list and have two MCAS systems. Aviation authorities are so dumb

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My guy, they have access to so much more information than we do as well as years of experience. Us teens on this forum are in no position to make that kind of judgement, the closest thing we have are the pilots in the community. Its not as simple as you are making it out to be.

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I wish I was that young again

@Aceorbit. MaxSez: Appreciate you insightful candor. There’s are old saying, “Out of the mouth of babes off times comes babble”! And “Trust but verify”!? The technical acumen of a strong segment of Forum membership who bloviate here is questionable…

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That was just sarcasm refering to RotorGuy s first post. I didnt actually mean it

I give you a 1/10 for sarcasm. Anyways, while there are a ton of other issues involved. blaming Boeing for one of the many problems that caused the MAX to crashed including low time pilots, failure get additional safety options, failing to listen to Boeing when they literally said do not fly. Yeah kinda crazy right?

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An accident is a chain of events. Putting the Max back in service I suppose would be more rigorous than meets the eye. Okay, sure, if Boeing works on the software, they would have solved part of the problem, but will they have solved the entire issue? I’m afraid not. The airlines that were involved(Lion Air and ET) would also have to look at the human factors pertaining to this crash ie the actions of the pilots. It’s a problem with many sides that can’t be fixed by just paying attention to one facet of the issue.


I think whats kinda crazy is that people are still defending Boeing on this matter. Boeing is the most successful manufacturer in aviation s history, they revolutionarized it. But they screwed up really bad on this one. Even they accepted it. Honestly it could ve happened to any company, but Boeing fanboys take it too personally

Yeah when Boeing initially said to Lion don’t fly that’s Boeing fault? Sure there was an MCAS failure but that’s one of the several primary reasons for that. While Boeing accepted the blame Lion also gets to have some since they were told not to fly it, In experienced pilots and the others I’ve listed.

And when they requested additional training they were called idiots lmao

My point by still stands…

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