MaxAvSafety: Clear Air Turbulence: Multiple Injuries (Aeroflot SU-270, Moscow-Bangkok, B-777)

MaxSez: Worst Turbulence Incident in years. Always wear that seat belt!

Here’s an avherald article. Must’ve been really bad turbulence to cause that amount of injuries. One of the comments in the article says that the seatbelt sign was supposedly on, but that’s just a rumour.


He said: ‘Apparently, those who were injured did not have their seat belts fastened.’

And we tell the passengers, time after time after time… Keep your seatbelts fastened at ALL times.

But, still, they know better than us.

Makes you wonder sometimes.


Yeah, I definitely personally feel like they need to have even more strict regulations with all of the seatbelt protocols in general.

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This I see why I always always always have my seatbelt on even if the sign is off. The only time I ever remove it during flight is when I have to use the restroom. Any other time its fastened and snug about the waist.
I guess this is the hard way for these people to learn that seatbelt are a thing they need.


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