MaxAvSafety: ATC/PIC Partnership, It’s a Good Thing! (Video)

MaxSez: Here’s how the partnership should work. This Video screams, Professionalism and the seamless adherence to Procedure, Practice it ya’all…


Ok after reviewing the video, I can as well say that the PIC in this video followed procedures accordingly and followed protocol. The ATC were very helpful in giving him easy emergency procedures. The pilot knew he had to burn fuel so he held pattern. ATC were advised and were able to maintain in contact throughout the emergency. Squawk codes were given to let the ATC know what kind of emergency and a good relationship between the PIC and the ATC are what saved the pilots. I can see the partnership happening , maybe not in Infinite Flight, since there are no squawk codes or holding patterns (do it manually) , I can definitely agree with your title! Thanks Max!

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@Ryan_Vidad. MaxSez: There are “Hold” features in the IF Program.
It appears IFATC’s don’t understand there utility, don’t understand how to apply them or just lack the confidences to use them, Conga Lines are IFATC’s bread & butter. Just like a “1 Trick Pony”. LOL…


I like Conga Lines and Bread and Butter… Especially when I Butter the Bread in a Conga Line While Landing

Warm Regards?

There at issues with the Hold function, how it displays on the ATC interface and how it transmits that need to be worked out by the devs. Or, you can join IFATC and show us how it’s done!


@Joe. MaxSez: Considerer joining you a few years ago but I no longer have the patience of youth nor the ability to suffer egotists, repetitive malcontents, children or fool as a pass time. As for ATIS and Holding Patterns the excuses for there lack of reintroduction are wearing thin, the FDS silence on these issues are deafening!
We each have our priorities and I’ll always lean to the left, the Pilots side of the “COCKpit”. Regards Joe and the best to you and yours in this My 77th yr.

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Thanks for sharing Max! I agree, communication and cooperation between the pilots and ATC is crucial, especially in a moment like this. Thanks again!

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Believe it or not I saw this exact plane (EI-LAX) at Dublin a few days ago while taxiing to the gate. It’s amazing to see how well ATC can help an aircraft by just speaking. It shows the knowledge, intelligence and skill that all the people have.

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@Balloonchaser MaxSez: Just noted your B&B comment. I was right some wonnabe IFATC’s are 1 Trick Ponies! Some are Horses Arses!

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A few years back (8 or 9) I worked a small Cessna into a mil field.

I don’t remember exactly what the reason was but picked him up on little guard.

The approach facility couldn’t pick him up and he was about 12 miles from me, around 20 to the national.

He had a hard time navigating and I wound up controlling him via start n stop turn until he was roughly just a couple miles out.

Had to hold all aircraft operating at the field, roughly 10-14, which wasn’t an easy task in a class d.

Got him down and the plane left in the next few days. Had a nice bottle of Tennessee whiskey waiting for the crew when we got off. Never got to meet the pilot, would have enjoyed sharing his gift with him.


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