MaxAvSafety: Accidents/Incidants; A Week in Review

Friday Oct 14th 2016
Accident KLM A332 over Mediterranean on Oct 14th 2016, turbulence causes injuries
Thursday Oct 13th 2016
Incident United B739 near Portland on Oct 13th 2016, electrical smell in cabin
Wednesday Oct 12th 2016
Incident Gojet CRJ7 at Austin on Oct 12th 2016, burst tyre on landing causes flap and engine damage
Incident American B788 over Pacific on Oct 12th 2016, engine shut down in flight
Tuesday Oct 11th 2016
Incident Volaris A320 at Guadalajara on Oct 11th 2016, control problems
Incident PIA A313 near Karachi on Oct 11th 2016, problems with cabin pressure
Incident Southwest B738 at Portland on Oct 11th 2016, rejected takeoff due to bird strike
Incident Delta B752 at Shannon on Oct 11th 2016, unsafe gear
Incident China Eastern A333 at Shanghai on Oct 11th 2016, runway incursion forces departure to rotate early and climb over A333
Accident Sriwijaya B733 at Surabaya on Oct 11th 2016, debris of runway surface punctures fuselage on landing
Incident Ecojet RJ85 at Riberalta on Oct 11th 2016, runway excursion on backtrack
Accident Polar AN26 at Belaya Gora on Oct 11th 2016, touched down off runway
Monday Oct 10th 2016
Incident Jazz DH8D near Montreal on Oct 10th 2016, temporary loss of control in severe turbulence
Incident Thai B788 near Denpasar on Oct 10th 2016, engine oil leak
Accident Sunstate DH8D at Canberra on Oct 10th 2016, turbulence injures 3
Sunday Oct 9th 2016
Incident Etihad A333 at Geneva on Oct 9th 2016, hydraulic failure
Accident Nordstar B738 at Moscow on Oct 9th 2016, unsafe gear, crack found in gear leg
Accident ANZ B763 over South China Sea on Oct 9th 2016, turbulence causes 4 injuries
Incident Singapore B773 at Melbourne on Oct 9th 2016, tower observes tailstrike on departure
Saturday Oct 8th 2016
Incident Tailwind B738 at Friedrichshafen on Oct 8th 2016, flaps problem
Incident Germanwings A319 near Belgrade on Oct 8th 2016, fan failure
Thursday Oct 6th 2016
Incident Qantas B744 at San Francisco on Oct 6th 2016, bird strike
Incident Alitalia Cityliner E175 at Milan on Oct 6th 2016, bird strike
Incident Jet2 B752 at Manchester on Oct 6th 2016, flaps problem
Wednesday Oct 5th 2016
Incident Dolomiti E195 at Brussels on Oct 5th 2016, departed without clearance forcing a go around on crossing runway
Incident American A321 at Charlotte on Oct 5th 2016, smoke in cabin
Accident Eurolot DH8D at Gdansk on Oct 5th 2016, hard landing
Incident Germania B737 near Muenster on Oct 5th 2016, smell of smoke in cockpit
Tuesday Oct 4th 2016
Accident Austrian E195 near Belgrade on Oct 4th 2016, turbulence injures three cabin crew
Incident Airnorth E170 at Darwin on Oct 4th 2016, rejected takeoff due to airspeed disagree
Incident UTAir B735 at Moscow on Oct 4th 2016, unsafe gear
Incident ASL B734 at Belfast on Oct 4th 2016, burst main tyres on landing
Monday Oct 3rd 2016
Incident Austrian B772 near Shanghai on Oct 3rd 2016, loss of engine thrust
Incident Swiss A320 at Pristina on Oct 3rd 2016, bird strike
Sunday Oct 2nd 2016
Incident Algerie A332 at Paris on Oct 2nd 2016, engine fire indication twice
Incident Lingus B752 near Boston on Oct 2nd 2016, engine problem
Incident American A321 at Orlando on Oct 2nd 2016, bird strike
Incident Jet2 B752 at Manchester on Oct 2nd 2016, flaps problem
Incident Aegean A321 at Athens on Oct 2nd 2016, gear problem after departure
Accident Egypt B738 at Cairo on Oct 2nd 2016, fire alarm during boarding causes injuries
Saturday Oct 1st 2016
Incident Vanuatu DHC6 at Walaha on Oct 1st 2016, elevator control cable snapped on short final
Incident Austrian A321 near Vienna on Oct 1st 2016, fumes in cockpit and cabin
Incident Berlin A332 at Berlin on Oct 1st 2016, rejected takeoff due to air conditioning problem
Incident British Airways B744 near Boston on Oct 1st 2016, bangs and vibrations
Incident Delta B772 at Sydney on Oct 1st 2016, hydraulic problems
Accident China Airlines A333 at Taipei on Oct 1st 2016, tail strike on go around
Accident TAAG B773 at Porto and Lisbon on Oct 1st 2016, departed with ground worker trapped in cargo hold


Let’s just say there are more accidents then meets the eye


I love AvHerald, it gives an in depth explanation of what happened and I check it everyday. Not that I’m happy about there being accidents though…

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