MaxAvSafety: A Friendly Reminder: Pilot Error? It May be a Simulator but what you learn here sticks with ya!

MaxSez: Remember the 130 Tanker Loss in the Out Back? (Photo) Stuff Happens even on a simulator. Personal confidence + Study & Practice both the simulator and licensed aviator makes.


Poor guys on the 130. I hope they rest in peace.

Always remember, while you can crash in a simulator as many times as you want, you can only crash in real life once or twice.

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I personally knew a crew member who was on Tanker 134, hopefully soon we hear what caused tanker 134 to go down.


@RotorGuy… MaxSez: RIP #134.

(Photo: AvSafetyNet, Public Domine)

May they rest in peace, they died knowing that they had served their world well.

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