MaxAvSafety: A-380 Bomb Threat Response; cool/calm! (Video)


The way the flight crew and authorities handled the incident was really professional. Glad everyone walked away without being harmed.


Great video, thanks for sharing. It was very interesting to watch! For JFK Ground, was that Kennedy Steve? I thought it was but I’m not completely sure.


anyone else realized that it said choid instead of choice?

A little late Max😉, I love VASAviation’s videos

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@Cameron_Brown… MaxSez: ya a little late but there hasn’t been an incident like this in some time. It’s always good to review the procedure. In today’s environment Be Prepared!

That’s very true. Did you see the one when FLL lost all radar?

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Very cool video. Sad that our world has come to this reality.

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Why post this now when u could have done earlier? And already many people have seen the Video so there’s no use posting it.

@A330fan Well, I haven’t. Thanks for the share, @Maxmustang!

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I said 90% not everyone.

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@A330fan as max said before, always good to review the procedure and be prepared. And as I mentioned on one of his FledglingFacts posts:

Especially that second-to-last thought: … It never hurts to have a refresher on things.

Yes, many have seen the video. I can guarantee many more have not and some that have may have already forgotten the situation. Always good to have a refresher.

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