MaxAvSafety: 15 Chinese ATControllers Punished!

Final Results CAAC Incidant Investigation;

Fifteen Chinese air traffic controllers were punished by authorities for their involvement in a serious runway incursion incident at Shanghai-Hongqiao Airport.

On October 10, 2016 China Eastern Airlines flight MU5643, an Airbus A320, was involved in a serious runway incursion incident during takeoff from Shanghai-Hongqiao Airport, China.
The aircraft was cleared for takeoff from runway 36L for a domestic flight to Tianjin. As it was accellerating down the runway, an Airbus A330 entered the active runway via taxiway B3. The China Eastern Airbus A330-343 had landed on runway 36R after a flight from Beijing (MU5106). The flight was then cleared to taxy to the terminal.

It left the runway via B3, crossed taxiway Bravo and entered the active departure runway via taxiway H3. This crossing is located 2110 meters from the threshold of runway 36L and 2400 m from the point where the A320 commenced takeoff.
The A320 was accellerating through 110 knots when the crew noted the A330 entering the runway. The crew selected TOGA thrust and continued their takeoff. The aircraft rotated at about 130 knots and climbed over the A330 with a separation of just 19 m.


The Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) stated that air traffic controllers at Hongqiao Airport had issued clearances to both aircraft, causing the conflict.
The licenses of the controllers manning the commanding and monitoring positions were revoked, in one of the cases for life. Thirteen officials with the East China Air Traffic Management Bureau as well as the bureau’s air traffic control center and safety management department were either given Party warnings, serious warnings, had demerits recorded or faced losing their positions, the CAAC stated.

The captain of the A320 on the other hand was granted a ‘first-class merit,’ along with other rewards. (AvSafe)

Note: Happens every day on IF TR-1, Who’s minding the Store?


Heard about this. Glad everyone is okay.

thank god, he must have learnt that maneuver from TS1.


I personally think they deserve to get their licenses taken away, but then again, 15 controllers?

Scary! Glad it was not March 27 1977 again

Goodness, 15 controllers? Where did they get that number from? The CAAC are run by proper muppets, why would they punish 15 controllers when there are only 2 that issued the clearance.

This was crazy, but that is a big punishment!

Seriously ??
You can’t just compare Infinite Flight TS1 to the Real World of Aviation

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Bad training procedures, the people who made these procedures etc

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Exactly! It isn’t just the controller’s who are punished, but the whole system. There have been uncovered major flaws in many areas – which now will be totally reworked.

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That’s a wishy washy point. If the procedures are wrong, then the controllers should be held somewhat blameless and the remaining 13 reprimanded. If it was a judgement issue, when why is the CAAC dragging another 13 people into this mess? Having dealt with the “Chinese investigation process” shudder, I can say with decent confidence that a lot of those reprimanded and/or fired are either scapegoats to please higher-ups, people the higher-ups didn’t like, or a combination of both. I admire your confidence in the CAAC in making sane decisions, they can’t.

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Unfortunately it takes incidents like this for changed to happen.

My uncle is a pilot, and he says that ATC as a whole are more lax and less stringent in Asia. I’m not criticising the controllers at all (I’m sure there are of course good ones), but it takes the wrong training and atmosphere for that to happen.

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