MaxAvSafe; Rpt'd Wkly WW Accident/Incident Rpt

(inverse order) *Saturday Apr 27th 2019

Southwest B737 at Portland on Apr 26th 2019, bird strike

Ethiopian B38M near Bishoftu on Mar 10th 2019, impacted terrain after departure

*Friday Apr 26th 2019

Fedex B752 near Amsterdam on Apr 26th 2019, loss of cabin pressure

GoAir A320 near Nagpur on Apr 26th 2019, pressurization problems

Canada Rouge A319 at Toronto on Apr 17th 2019, fumes on board

Aeroflot SU95 at Riga on Apr 26th 2019, loss of cabin pressure

PIA B772 at Lahore on Apr 25th 2019, stoned engine

*Thursday Apr 25th 2019

Iberia A333 at Johannesburg on Apr 24th 2019, could not fully retract landing gear

Neos B763 at Barcelona on Apr 14th 2019, engine shut down in flight

TUIFly B738 near Paris on Apr 24th 2019, a relay feels hot

KLM B744 at Seoul on Apr 25th 2019, engine failure

Qeshm RJ1H at Muscat on Apr 25th 2019, burst both right main tyres on landing

Adria CRJ9 at Ljubljana on Apr 24th 2019, rejected takeoff due to bird strike

Canada Rouge A319 near Montreal on Apr 14th 2019, unstable engine

Delta A332 at Lagos on Feb 13th 2018, engine fire

Dana MD83 at Port Harcourt on Feb 20th 2018, overran runway by 300 meters

West Sweden ATP near East Midlands on May 3rd 2018, temporary total electrical DC failure

Lufthana Cityline E190 at Paderborn on Jul 18th 2018, near collision with glider aircraft

*Wednesday Apr 24th 2019

Spirit A321 at Baltimore on Apr 24th 2019, odour on board

Envoy E135 at Montreal on Apr 9th 2019, immediate fuel emergency on first go around

Silver SF34 at Orlando on Apr 23rd 2019, runway excursion on rejected takeoff

Cathay Pacific A359 near Hong Kong on Feb 21st 2019, captain incapacitated

Cathay Pacific B773 near Hong Kong on Jan 26th 2019, captain incapacitated

*Tuesday Apr 23rd 2019

Yan B734 at Chisinau on Apr 19th 2019, crew struggles with ATC instructions

Thai B772 at Seoul on Apr 22nd 2019, bird strike

Virgin Atlantic B789 enroute on Apr 16th 2019, unexpected climb of cabin altitude

Airblue A320 at Peshawar on Apr 23rd 2019, runway excursion on landing

Easyjet Switzerland A320 at Hamburg on Apr 17th 2019, commenced takeoff without clearance and rejected

Fuji Dream E175 at Yamagata on Apr 23rd 2019, runway excursion on takeoff

Asia Airways AN26 near Khartoum on Apr 22nd 2019, ran out of fuel

*Monday Apr 22nd 2019

Eurowings A319 at Hamburg on Apr 22nd 2019, runway incursion

Frontier A321 near Atlanta on Apr 21st 2019, crew oxygen leak

Tara D228 at Ramechhap on Apr 22nd 2019, runway excursion on landing

Cathay Pacific A333 near Shanghai on Apr 20th 2019, lightning strike

TAP A343 at Lisbon on Apr 22nd 2019, gear problem on arrival

FAT AT72 at Taichung on Apr 20th 2019, temporary runway excursion on landing

*Sunday Apr 21st 2019

Kuwait A320 at Beirut on Apr 21st 2019, bent nose

Delta MD90 at Philadelphia on Apr 21st 2019, engine shut down in flight

Emirates B773 at Cape Town on Apr 20th 2019, cargo door indication

Eurowings A319 near Nice on Apr 21st 2019, cabin pressure problems

Aeromexico B789 near Mexico City on Apr 20th 2019, electrical problem

*Friday Apr 19th 2019

Delta B752 at San Francisco on Apr 19th 2019, smoke on board

Cathay Pacific A359 at Hong Kong on Apr 19th 2019, problem with landing gear on departure

Mount Cook AT72 at Christchurch on Apr 19th 2019, suspected collision with object on runway

PIA A320 enroute on Apr 19th 2019, squeaking seal

Skywest E175 near Oklahoma City on Apr 18th 2019, smoke in cabin

British Airways A319 near Palma Mallorca on Apr 2nd 2019, flight control problems

Indigo A20N at Jaipur on Apr 1st 2019, engine stall

Indigo A20N at Pune on Apr 2nd 2019, engine problem

Daily DHC6 at Kaohsiung on Apr 23rd 2018, runway excursion on landing

*Thursday Apr 18th 2019

KLM B772 near Shannon on Apr 17th 2019, hydraulic failure

(Source: AvHerald; See Aviation Safety Net or Google for details.)


oh, gosh. i flew yesterday, i didnt know about half of these though.

Geez, I wonder what that was like 😂

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According to AvHerald,
The crew descended the aircraft to FL100 over concerns the windshield might crack due to noises coming from the windshield. The aircraft continued to Islamabad at FL100 and landed safely about 70 minutes after leaving FL350.

The airline reported a seal of a cockpit window began leaking causing concerns the windshield might crack, which however did not turn out the case. The seal was repaired and the aircraft returned to service.


Ohhh I thought he meant an actual seal, like the animal 🤣


Umm, I’d rather hope not…
Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, welcome aboard PIA. We will be shortly departing. Just for your information, if you hear a squeaking sound on-board, please be advised that it is the seal in 22E. Yes, like the animal, a seal. We do not have any issues with the aircraft. Thanks!


@WestJet737767… Broke the code did ya! Finally, an aviator who cracks the books and follows the professional pubs. Good show Westey. All fledglings should follow in this mans lead.
(Ya gotta walk the walk and talk the talk if your gonna soar with the Eagles.) Regards, Max


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