MaxAviatorFact: “The IF Forgotten Control Surface” “The Aileron”!

MaxAviatorFacts: The “Forgotten Control Surface” The “Aileron”!

A little wind/drift off the centerline, Here’s the coordinated correction; A little “Aileron” to Lower the Windward Wing into the prevailing wind then a bit of “Rudder” (See Video).

Considering a greased Landing alway;

  1. Keep in mind there’s a difference between Approach Speed & Threshold Speed (Threshold Speed = power reduction prior to entering ground Effect at Touch Down…) 2) A “Landing is 2 steps”; A “Round-Out” (Wings level, de-Crab/Slip/Alignment) then “Flare”.)

Now the Coordinated “Aileron”/“Rudder” Procedure In IMC/VMC Video;

Happy Landing, Max

(Old Crow Say; If you walk away it a good landing!)


Ashersez: Not sure if I agree with this last bit. My instructor explained why this isn’t the best term to use. Damaging the aircraft from a hard landing doesn’t make it a good landing despite still walking away with maybe $2000 less. Perfecting the landing also known as greasing it would be considered a smooth landing. I think this term categorizes all landings from hard to smooth that you walk away from as good.
Although I like the topic as it includes some very good information! Good work. Ashersends ;)


@infiniteflight_17. MaxSez: Everybody is entitled to an opinion. My opinions where formed back in the day when your tutor was probably a gleam in his daddies eye! Each generation has there own memory aids. Considering the Cost of AvGas at $3+ per today to 45cent per in my instructor days I understand that money would effect opinions. Me, a walk away is a skill/confidence builder, survival of the fittest is the key and not the $$$$$$.


MaxSez: Give and take, Age and experience trumps youth and modern group speak every time…
LOL, Max

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