MaxAvHistory (Video): The Ospreys Grand Daddy!

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Don’t forget the Heinkel Lerche ;) The pogo’s ‘grand daddy’. I remember flying it in IL2.

@Giacomo_Lawrance… Not even close to winged flight development, it’s just a sex up “AutoGyro” ! US AV Hall of Fame Helo designer Piasecki followed Henkel’s first stage disign drawings recovered at the conclusion of WWII. Henkel’ design is a “Rotory Wing” craft not an airplane like the Pogo.

It also transferred to vertical flight. Practically the same basis.

Note “would be” it never flew it was a concept! The Pogo flew watch the vid again. The Pogo was just another “spruce goose”. LOL.

Ture; but it led the way for others.

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