MaxAvHistory: "If it Ain't Boeing it Ain't Going"!

MaxSez: The Topic sez it all. Boeing Liner evolution from the 707 till almost currant!


I love Boeing. I feel like they have the experience that Airbus lacks. They know what airlines want. 707, 737, 767 and 777 are among the most succesfull airliners in history. What does Airbus have? A320. Perhaps A350. A330 is a bit behind, not to mention the failure of the A340.


Hey, Airbus is equally as good as Boeing! And I’m sure that more a330s fly than 767s (pax variants).

Boeing Would’ve failed if Airbus didnt exist, A330 is way front of 767.

Oh really? Name 3 aircraft that are better than Boeing’s “equal”.

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Maybe because it isn’t meant as a competition for the 767 and came out 10 years later?


A380 over B747-8, A330 over 767, A321 over 757

Then why are they Similar in Seat Capacity and in fuel Consumption?

Already addressed that.

It came out like 15 years later. Not a fair comparison.

Ill give that one to you. Also its not like the 380 is a success either. Also considering that over 1000 747s were built.


I’m pretty sure the A330 was meant as a competition for the 777 seeing that they came out at about the same time.

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A320<737 CLASSIC
And this isnt meant to offend anyone. I honestly like Boeing just that much better than Airbus. Im saying this in terms of an airlines perspective.

I wrote “737 classic” instead of the NG because if Airbus hadnt made the A320 Boeing wouldnt have made the NG. A320 vs 737NG is a fierce competition and dont know who will be the winner.

Here we go again… The everlasting Boeing v. Airbus thing.


But A321 actually was a reason for the slow down of 757, they are only 10 years which is Fair for a big old manufactor vs New small manufactor+Boeing were still creating them

The problem with this is the cherry picking.

Addressed that already.

I have no doubt that Airbus wouldn’t have done the 320 if it weren’t for the 737, but we are comparing current planes. A320 is better than the classic, but the style with the NG and between NEO and MAX isn’t defined yet.

Again, came out 15 years later.

Yeah sure. It’s just not a fair comparison. I would like to compare apples with apples.

@MaxSez: Do I smell the Weak of Uber-Nationalism emanating from these pages? I love a good cat fight, stand or die @nicochile2. “If it ain’t Boeing it ain’t going”. With the bus I don’t know if “Hale Britannica” or " LaMarsalise" is more appropriate! LOL

Airbus Industries: Profits 2016. $39 Billion (€- .07 cents not computed)
Boeing Corp; Profits 2016. $93 Billion


Mmmmm… Cant argue with the 777 and 767 argument. The A320neo seems to be better than the Max because more airlines are buying it. Idk though so dont hurt me pls!

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Again, I said in my first comment that the A320 family is the only aircraft that I think Airbus is better than Boeing when we compare apples to apples. (A320 and 737NG, A320NEO and 737MAX.)

Ok, you cannot delete a manufactor that have improved quality of flying, imagine if no competiton was occured, maybe everyday a plane will fall du to No competiton, to satisfy you, we will close Airbus in 24 hours and worsen the Quality of flying

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Oh ok sorry lol!! I didnt read that properly

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