MaxAvGoodRead's: “ Quarantined”? Boredom setting in, Read a Great Av Book! “The Great Santini” my Mentor

MaxSez: The “Great Santini” is a real USMC legend! I identify with this Novels theme, it’s based on fact. I knew the real guy the Author, his son, and the era. The puke incident happened! Been there done that!

(Available on line, EBooks & Kindel) (Corrected)


Did you mean Amazon? Or is there a joke i’m missing?

Might be an interesting read. Stay safe, Max!


@JarrettFlies, Yes but my Pad would only use upper case & forced spelling error. Don’t know why, Don’t care but I’ll fix it.
Thanks Editor, MadMax

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Got it! I might check this out on the kindle!

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Another great aviation book is “Vulcan 607”. No it’s not Sci-Fi but the true story about the RAF operation in the Falklands War (1982) Flying a 7000 nm round trip including complicated air to air refuling operations. Well worth a read.

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