MaxAvFightClub: ANA Brawl!

MaxSez: Airlines considering boxing gloves as part of onboard entertainment package! LOL…


Why would these people can’t stop making a chaos and make flying looks really bad. And again, why it involves Americans again?
#supportfightclass #flythefriendlyskies

I’m sorry if one of you take it in the wrong way


That left hook he threw at the end of the video tho 😲


@SingaporeAirlines… Should have flagged this! Bad JuJu, yr apology not
accepted. . Your continual Yankee bias noted. Max


The guy in the red shirt got owned and later arrested.


To take a flight isn’t something very fun for everyone actually. In fact, there’s many people who feel l stress when they’re taking a plane, they’re afraid to miss their plane or something else… there’s many reasons… that’s why most people are getting irritated when they’re flying and they get into an argument easily…


Lol chill, we’re not in the military…so what if he mentions America?

As for the fight, well I’ve seen worse down my local on a Friday night…


The airline industry receiving some backlash lately. Really have inf problems with customers and crew member 🤔


@AtomicHerbster4… I laughed out loud to! Thank you for the comeback. Spoken like a loyal subject of her Majesty the Queen! Regards, Up the Republic & the Rising of the Moon! Respectfully, Max


Its okay @Maxmustang , As a veteran I hold back on alot of this anti america sentiment lol but when youre so high up in the food chain all eyes are on you #merica . haha all joke aside the high level of stress a plane carries can be felt, its either a baby crying or a man child fighting airlines are not as glamorous as they once were


Then again, the USA has an awful lot of people compared to most countries, so there’s more of us to do the wrong thing.


@Full_flight. Max Sez: Deductive Reasoning! At 14 your well ahead of your IF peers I conclude from first person observation. I see you in the left seat in just a few years. Good Luck, Regards.


Hmmm, cause other countries are perfect?

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I’m sorry if that comment did make you feel offended and all of the Americans here. I’m sorry

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Hahaha its all good dude. Its fine. I didn’t see your comment but I assume you were saying something about Airlines in America and their poor service. Im american and I will admit it. The airlines in the US needs improvement with customer service. Don’t get discouraged and delete your comment. Your just expressing our opinions in a good way :)

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@Maxmustang @Gavin_Hertel Chill ;)

Be nice. Settle it in a good way. He was only trying to express his opinions and trying to have a discussion. No need to be offended :)

\Why would people just start swinging punches in a plane? Everyone needs to carry around more "sorry"s and "excuse me"s.

Source: Am Canadian

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Omg that actually scared me so much. Just so crazy and plain sad! I heard this in the news last night but thought it was just another airline attack. This one is for real! The flight attendant couldn’t do anything about that drunk idiot.

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The American’s who take offence to this are soft. They just don’t have the same sense of humor as some do. Don’t worry about someone taking offence to something. (Unless it’s super racist)

Super racist? All racism is bad. It doesn’t make this world any better. For that matter, since a lot of stuff doesn’t add anything to this world, it is just plain rude.