MaxAvFacts: Don't PO a Ramp Rat!

MaxSez: This is one for the books! Appears Russian Ramp Workers understand the term “Pay Back”!

(UTair Aviation is a Russian airline with its head office at Khanty-Mansiysk Airport while its main base is at Surgut International Airport and Vnukovo International Airport. (Wiki))


I saw this the other day, it’s bloody hilarious and serves them right for having that next to a plane 😂


That poor 727! Why would anyone want to do that in their right mind.

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Are we positive that this isn’t a scrap yard or something like that?


not a 727, it doesn’t even look close except for three engines, that is a yak 40


Sorry, I just saw 3 engines and thought 727.


I did little research after someone commented that it was at scrapyard on that video. Turn out it might be true, Utair is not operating yak-40’s any more so that guy was just doing his job. However, don’t ever piss someone off when he can operate a heavy equipment. 🤣


Wow, poor plane! Why do people scrap planes? Why can’t we just reuse them? Or rengine them?

Because they are unusable.

Because 💰 and it’s useless.

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Also to add on to this, all the pressurization cycles wear out the airframe. Even if you replaced the engines, you still got to update all the avionics, make sure the cabin and airframe is still airworthy, and check all the hydraulic systems that are now old and worn


You meant metal fatigue which forms after many flight cycles which can be dangerous for jet aircraft and some turboprops(Dash 8/ ATR 42/72) operating at high altitudes which can cause decompression as the cabin is pressurised at cruising altitude.

Remember Aloha 243?


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