MaxAvFacts: Airlines Bankrupt... Predictions, Bad Juju!

MaxSez: “Dooms Day” predictions! Who’d a thunk it!



Crazy! Especially when you think the big three were supposed to hire around 1k pilots each this year alone.

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@Erj145, maybe now “Infinite Flight Airways” could actually become a thing. If so many airlines get bankrupt (which is pretty sad), maybe, we can see an Infinite Flight Airwa…

Jokes aside, it’s kinda quite sad to see all these airlines suffering. I’m wondering what’s going to happen.

It’s really sad to see that many airlines might not make it to May or even out of the Coronavirus alive.

Hang in there airlines!

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If the USA loses Alaska Airlines, my family and 30,000 other people will be stranded in my home town, as we have no roads leaving the city.


Trump did say that they were going to help US Airlines and give money so hopefully he follows through

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Terrible! Hope that airlines can secure all funds needed to survive

If they’re struggling of course


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