MaxAvBooks; “Everything We Had!” WWII (Flyin SameO,Then and Now!)

MaxSez… This is a swell read and the flying techniques in the 40’s described here perfectly are similar in all respects to the procedures and aerodynamics we use today. Here B-17 & P-40’s are the tools of the trade.
Extract: Landing a P-40 ( pursuit );

“Wheels down, full flaps, a nice satisfying tump as the gear locks down, a turn on Final out of Base, Lined Up, Just above the runway, “Round Out” then Flair, throttle all the way back, the mains touch with a squeal,…”

This is a pre- Pearl Harbor look as the USAAF stages in the FarEast for the inevitable. Great Story only part fiction, First Person. Recommended with enthusiasm, MaxSends


Pretty good topic, actually. I like it! ;)

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@Rilej_aviation. MaxSez: You need to puruse this novel Riley. The Aussies get to play as the B-17’s ferry/transit on the way to Clark in the Philippines.( really happened in 41)
The segment on crossing the Owen/Stanley Range (no charts) and the conditions (rain/mud fields) are a High Point.
Regards Mate, Max

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MaxSez: Bumped for those under the “Southern Cross”. This novel is a Far East stunner!

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This looks interesting. I always enjoy learning about WWII, it’s one of my favorite topics.

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