MaxATCSituationalAwareness: JFK Ground Lost It. (Video)

MaxSez: Does This Mastery of the Taxiways remind you of an IF Experience.
Tell us your TS-1 story: I’m feeling down and need a LOL! Regards, All


It reminds me of the good old days in KNUC… Oh wait, even KNUC was worse
Anyway, that seemed like a handful at once for the ATC.


Even the pros struggle on occasions! Thanks for posting!

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This is my all time favourite, hope it cheers you up!


Classic TS1 Scenarios:

#1 - The race
Two aircraft approach the same intersection from different taxiways. One plane is obviously going to get there first, but the other plane intentionally speeds up to beat the other aircraft.

#2 - The pass and go
There is an obvious sequence of aircraft taxing to the runway. The aircraft behind you turn left, and then a right onto the taxiway parallel to you. He speeds past the other aircraft waiting patiently in line, and turns back onto the original taxiway when he gets to the runway hold point, essentially cutting everybody.

#3 - Ignore Pushback
The ground controller instructs an aircraft to push back. Another plane is taxxing along the same taxiway that the other aircraft is pushing onto. The other plane doesn’t like the idea of waiting a good two minutes for the pushing plane to begin taxxing, so he taxis right through the pushing plane, and continues on his way.

Ugh, hate TS1. Worst part about this list is that I also see it on expert.


bring back the ‘report user’ button (only available for G3 and higher) but also when you do report somone it shows up on their flight stats as being reported (even if not ghosted)


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