MaxAsks: Whats It; “VFR Corridor”.. Splan it to Us?

MaxSez: The IF GA Orphans rarely ask “Them” for Live Feature. Before I ask for the addition of “VFR Corridors” in Class B Restricted Airspace in the next IF updated Chart; I felt it appropriate to ask you if you could define the term “VFR Corridor “ In layman terms; So What’s It?
Good morning IF, MaxSends

(Note: Topic to follow)


I would describe them as defined routes between an entry and exit point through an airport’s controlled Class B airspace, which can be used by VFR traffic in order to cross the airspace in question.

Hope that helps!

@JulianB. MaxSez: Almost, but a few key & salient point of fact are missing!

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Well, I found this;

A corridor is a section of airspace that has been cut out of more restrictive airspace, like Class B, to allow VFR traffic to transit without explicit clearance. There will often be suggested altitudes and frequencies to prevent conflicts.

Is this correct?

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That is pretty accurate from my understanding, except for most of the altitudes are strict and involve monitoring a frequency and sometimes set a specific squawk code.

Using some context from Max’s recent posts concerning TFRs and him being a proponent of GA traffic/local/VFR flying in and around IFATC----

I think the upcoming topic may be a request for defined VFR corridors to be added to some Class B airspaces.

As far as I can try to describe it in layman’s terms, a VFR corridor is a predefined, set path through a Class B airspace that is vertically and laterally restricted, where VFR traffic is allowed to pass through without having to contact ATC at all. It’s essentially a hole through the airspace.

Based on what I just read, only a few Class B airspaces in real life have them, but I think this would be a cool addition to IF, maybe it could be included on the map in-game along with a message?


Here’s a picture I found that visualizes a VFR corridor. Credit to:

@Maxmustang, I didn’t know these existed before this topic, thanks for making the topic, it’s cool to learn something new.


We learn something new every day

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@Yacht. MAXSez: YOU DA MAN! You hit it squarely, almost a Text Book description. Just think IF VFR’s At 200k or less at 5 grand without saying May I… ! It reduces ATC’s workload and open B’s
to the poxed GA mavins. Vote for it when Topic hits thee boards.
Well Done Aviator, MaxSez,

@Tep_NEMO, Ya Got it…


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