Max World View: Long Haul is Boring Unless~~~~~~?

MaxSez:: Why do you guys and gals insist on utilizing the States or the EU as a part of any long haul? Is it because pre-planned Flight Plans are readily available?

Do you ever manually plot a route utilizing Beacons and VOR’s which are prominent on the IF Chart or don’t you understand the Nav segment in the on board IF avionics?

Preplanned Routes & GPS/RNav is the simple solution. If your claiming your Airworthyness, or Airmanship based on that procedure you’re delusional, your no better than a VFR “Sports Pilot”, unless you utilize all IF Tech features available.

Expand your horizons, learn the IF Avionics Suite,

See the World. Flying to or out of JFK, Lax ect. Is for the those who haunt their moms basement

Get a life, Get a real world view, Get Proficient in all tech things IF offerer’s, your paying for it!

G’day, Max


He wants to tell people to explore the IF world, as there is much more to explore than only KLAX, EGLL or KJFK. :)

And I agree with him, the world is a beautiful place that more people need to explore the wonders of


Me! Me pick me! I’m a mix of old school and “new school”. I do find myself a child of the magenta most of the time; however, I do find navigating by green needles from VOR to VOR. I think its more fun and more of a challenge than turning on the autopilot and walking away. Sure, its nice to look outside and take in the views, but can only do that for so long.

TBM is a great machine for stuff like this. Small, quick, agile, sweet sounding, darty, and perfect for VOR practice as well as venturing to the world of the unknown. Small unique airports are more fun than the large Class B airports like LAX and LHR. More of a mountain man, back woods prop hopper myself.



I suggest a TBM flight from French Frigate Shoals airport (PHFS) to Midway Atoll (PMDY)! Beautiful flight if you want to get away from all traffic, as there are rarely any planes that fly over that area. Looking at the many shores of the smoke-cloud-shaped atolls en route make for an amazing experience, regardless of special VFR or IFR flight.

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Well said, lol.

I like this post.

I like using the entire plethora of things available. VOR navigation and everything. I also like flying out of stuff that most people have never have seen before.


I guess I haunt my mums basement then lol, It depends what kind of IF pilot you are I suppose, I personally love doing the busy routes, LAX-LHR and stuff like that Im doing this flight rn but I also enjoy just flying around, going from airport to airport in a place ive never been. Nice post :)

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basically the best joke in this thread


Exactly. 6 continents, over 5000+ airports with diverse scenery and yet a bloke will only do LHR-JFK 🤦🏾‍♂️

Nothing wrong with flying through the megahubs once in a while, but at least try to explore the hidden gems available.


I fail to understand why people leave their devices on all night in a NAV autopilot long haul, just for XP. Cruising for 9 hours straight isn’t enjoyable to me. I would much rather prefer a low level and quick route. More changes in phase of the flight leads to more excitement, especially when hand flying.

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I think people are naturally attracted to flying in their home region, but you’re right. There’s so much more to see than just Los Angeles… Regarding the preplanned flight plans, I think that might be because some don’t want to put in effort by planning their own flight plan.

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Trust me, I have many times, and it takes a very long time to make a correct flight plan in SkyVector based on the replay of the flight in FR24 and FlightAware. Maybe 1 and a half to 2 hours, from my experience.

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I don’t do it for the XP :)
I do it for the adrenaline of making a smooth landing after such a long flight, it gives me a good feeling and makes me even a bit proud of me.
🙂 but that’s me


That’s understandable. Do you get any rush of gratification when landing in a short flight? How does it compare to a long flight?

Yes, why wouldn’t I? I brought my passengers safely to their destination.

I don’t fly Long Hauls much, so when I do one and it goes well (no crashes or reports) it is for me a bit special as I don’t fly long hauls regularly. I really don’t have the time to do them regularly.
So it just makes them a bit special ⭐️

And I’ll be able to fly those long haulers ;)

If you have more questions we can take it to a PM 😊


I cannot agree more with these. The devs literally delivered the entire planet for us to fly and most still act like America and Europe is their entire planet. Get out, fly long haul, explore other bits of the world. Did y’all also know that the US isn’t the only country in the world? The Atlantic isn’t the only ocean you have to fly over? Fly to the Orient and Down Under! Fly South to South America and Africa. See what sceneries there are to offer, get out more!

Was genuinely tempted to make a statement once regarding this but surprised this isn’t flagged.

Y’all say people only stick to JFK, LAX, LHR, but in reality when your on Expert Server most people don’t fly those routes if you really look there’s some people who do interesting long hauls people fly which you never thought.

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I fly on ES and the busiest non-ATC airports are always in America or Europe. @Maxmustang does have a point you know, many of you need to explore larger portions of the world instead of acting like your 6 hour JFK-LAX route is “long haul” when it’s literally a domestic route.

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I will admit, when I was in the training server, I did JFK-LHR quite a bit, but I stopped once i got to ES. Longest flight for me on ES was Mumbai to London on AI 787.

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Wait I thought they were only three airports

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If you do a long flight from Kuala Lumpur to Kai Tak as a classic flight, you can definitely feel the rush of gratification after you followed the visual checkerboard approach perfectly and made a very smooth landing. And yes I love exploring the world, my 3 favorite visual approaches are definitely the Canarise approach to JFK, the visual approach to Madiera and Queenstown.

All the flights I ever did in my life are either 4+ hours to South America or Long Hauls to Europe, meaning these are the more common areas I do flights to and from. If you were to poll all the people flying long hauls from those airports on ES, I have a good feeling they are from that area. I do many flights from Newark, and well, it’s because i’m from Newark.

i’m still in school so this counts right?

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