Max violations on grade 2

So I have just reached grade 2 on IF and I have 50 violations. I know the max is 50 also when will the get removed or will they stay there forever

They will stay there forever unfortunately

There isn’t a max violation count, there is a max violation count per week though

More info here: How can I find my grade table?

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After 6 months and no result :(

Care to elaborate your situation so we can help you better?

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Wat do u mean.

Look at what’s highlighted. You need more XP to reach grade 3 and 50 landings

To Do list:
-25 more landings
-reach 40,000 XP

No I have 50 violations

Those total violations are permanent and they don’t go away.

Violations Does not play a big part in your IF experience however you obviously don’t want to gain them as well if you want to gain further grades a lot quicker.

Why do you care about the violations? They won’t stop you from progressing to the next grade.

I havent played in like 13 days I was on holiday

How violations work and how they affect you have been thoroughly explained. Read the post and you’ll understand :)