Max Violation (7 days) exceeds the penalty period

I had 1 speed violation more than week and i am suppose to be grade 4 but the app still showing grade 3

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Please provide screenshots to offer more clarity.

A screen shot of the grading table would help.

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Often times a simple restart of the app fixes issues like this.

Hey Man!

Simple resolution, restart IF an its done!

If that dosn’t work restart your Device.

I tried restarting the device but still the app crushed.

The screen shot below shows that the viloation still there knowing that it
has been more than a week



Are you sure it has been a week since your last violation? The only thing that seems to be stopping you to get to Grade 4 is the 1 violation. If it isn’t gone soon then it may be an issue.

same here I got it last Friday or Saturday and still showing 1

Try to do a short flight on live and that should fix the issue. When did you do your last flight?

Yes I am sure more than a week. Unfortunately with the new version I cannot show you the previous log.

Get Outlook for Android

I did several flights. Still shows the violation

Wait a few more days then see.

Might have to get Tyler or someone to see if they can remove it for you, cause it should’ve disappeared.

Are you sure that it’s just a week?

Is it by any chance possible, that you obtained another one??? O.O

I think requires the support team to look into it. And remove it.

The stats usually take some time to refresh. If it is indeed 7 days since you were penalized, you should be back to your grade 3<. If the problem persists contact one of the ince moderators to have the issue looked into.


It is more than 7 days and I have been flying IF more than 2 years and I
know how it works but this time I am sure it’s an app problem

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For now the best option is to contact a mod as it might be an issue with the live servers.

MaxSez: Ya know all these by guess and by god random I think answers don’t get it! Some issues are technical in nature and require Staff tech responses.
Suggest you Duty Experts refrain from commenting if you don’t have a similar personal Tech type gripe that had Staff corrective action in the recent past. I’ve been watching folk going in circles following bogus “I think” responses. I have the same issue It needs Staff Attention. @Moderator/@schyllberg your attention this issue pls. (Info: @CaptainSam)