Max: Sunday Cliché and Thought for the day:


Cliche’ for the day: “if your ever faced with a forced landing at night turn on your landing lights so you can see the terrain before you, if you don’t like what you see turn off the lights”!

Thought for the day: Remember; When Global arrives, without fuel Pilots become pedestrians or hopefully survivors!


Don’t discount the power of gliding. Unless you’re in the middle of the Himalaya’s or any of the great oceans there certainly is some kind of place to land so long as you carefully plan your glide and negotiate Speed vs Altitude.

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MaxSez: Do you understand the term “Subtle Humor” G-man!


Some have the impression that if you exhaust your fuel or experience total engine failure that you will just suddenly drop from the sky like Icarus and his wings of wax.



MaxSez… Myth! And I thought it was a figment of my imagination.

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