max speed violations


I was flying today with dash-8 with autopilot and speed set a fair bit below max speed, but I had to leave my phone for a minute because of work and in the meantime wind changes too much to tailwind and I received 6 violations probably for speeding. It was absolutely not intentional, because I was grade 5 and now I am grade 1. In overall I have very low violations, about 10 I think, now + 6.

Would it be possible that devs could make something with it? Thanks

I hope mods won’t close this until some dev answer.

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Were you below 10,000 feet?

Were you over 250 knots (or M 0.80)?

Of course I was above 10000 ft, actually it was 24000 ft

The only reason would be for overspending then

There is unfortunately nothing that can be in this case.
Flying so close to the maximum speed and leaving your device unattended in that way is not recommended. Always have a good margin for error.


That’s the thing that I wasn’t at max speed and had a bit o reserve but change of wind made me speeding

Wind does not affect your airspeed drastically, you should leave at least 20 knots as a margin in case the inevitable happens.

A tailwind isn’t going to make you overspeed. Where you still climbing? If yes the IAS limit will decrease as you gain altitude.

Yes, that can happen.
As you probably understand, we can’t go reverting violations for everyone just because a wind change. It will happen if you don’t have enough margin for error. I know it’s even more important on the DHD8.