Max speed on F-14 / 16

Different from other planes that give you over speeding warnings above 10,000 feet, these planes have no over speed warnings. I was flying FL400 at 600knts or so and got a report by atc - no warning or anything. What’s the max speed for these fighters and how can you appeal a report? Thanks! Atc was Manoel - G… how do I communicate with him/her.

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Well for starters - what server were you on? Training or Expert?

Hello Javier,
While you are correct there is no speed limit set by the system, while under control of expert server ATC, you are expected to go around 250 or below, and going 600knt through an active airspace is a clear violation, if you would like to appeal your report, please check the flight in your logbook and send a message to the controller here on the IFC, cheers!

You can find the controller here:

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Pretty sure he meant FL400

Thanks! How do I send a direct message?

Expert Server… would it make a difference if I’m flying obeying all the rules… I guess it’s just that I don’t know the rule about this particular plane and with no warning I thought I was being a good pilot.


Well you can tell this guy he’s wrong. Nothing refrains you from doing that.

Sorry I understood FL040
Actually you were over at FL400

I’d talk to the comtroller about that, was that screenshot right after the report? Becuais 500 kts at 40k shouldn’t be a problem I dont think

Mach 2.06 :)

Hey @Javier_O_Detrinidad - send a message to @MannyG and he’ll talk you through it! :)