Max speed, Mach limit, and a HUD technical problem

So rn I’m flying from JFK to CDG with an Air France 777-200ER… I’m at an altitude of Lvl420 so autopilot is using Mach, however, I guess Mach system isn’t really working, cuz the limit (in rules) of speed, is Mach 90… still I have .95 Mach set in AP but it doesn’t really warms me or anything… Also, when adding speed to AP, the plane doesn’t respond and stays at same speed… so…

Is my game/device crazy or what?


Are your engines at max thrust?

Your speed is way too high. Check out the max operating speed in link provided below.

I don’t really understand the full problem, but from I can gather your aircraft should not be flying at M.90 it should be flying at speeds such as M.83- M.86

At 90-95%… so it’s not at max

Max at the altitude I am is 90% (if I remember right)

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What is your aircraft load? FL420 seems a bit high if you’re trying to get to that alt. early on in the flight.

Whoops… xD I meant 42000ft, that level…

FL420 is 42,000ft… Did you do a step-climb or did you climb straight to FL420?

Stepclimb… 320, 360, 380, 400, 420

Again, your speed was set too high.

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Yeah I guess… still not like what I was trying to get answered with… but yeah, also my ft/m when departed was 14 (max)

No your game is not crazy. Max cruising speed of the 777 is M.87.

Yeah… I just set speed to 85m… don’t worry

In addition to what @DeerCrusher said, even if you have your AP set to M .95, it doesn’t mean you can reach that speed due to performance of the aircraft, weight and so on.

Ok… thanks for the advisory