Max Speed Limit

I am a newbie here and i am grade 2 i play on the training server and i have noticed people flying FL300 over max aircraft speeds without getting violations how is this possible

Hi there, you might be confusing ground speed with air speed. At high altitude, ground speed is much higher than airspeed. The violations concern airspeed and the speed you see from others is groundspeed only.


Hey Ahmed!

Speed violations work this way,

  • 250KIAS or greater, under FL100

  • M 0.87 or greater, (Any altitude)

  • 35kts ground speed or greater, on the ground.

Fighters do not receive in-air speed violations.

A lot of pilots do not fly realistic speeds at cruise, for example, Narrow body jets typically fly at about M 0.78, but a fair amount of pilots fly speeds greater than that, which does not result in violation, but is unrealistic.

If you have anymore questions, feel free to ask :)


I have seen a fair amount of people flying the a330 over 399kts what about those people are they not afraid of violations?? (On training server)

You are seeing their ground speed, not their air speed which is one of the parameters used for speed limits.


Ohhhhhh that’s why… lol thanks for the info i was so confused lol


Ground speed and airspeed are different. It displays the ground speed on an aircraft.

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Oh and it depends on which aircraft too.
Like 787-8, 787-9, 787-10. Their limits are M091-092 or 090.


@EthanT2 it’s a bit higher than that. Take the C750/CCX for example. It’s top speed is M 0.92. I’m also pretty sure that the 787 can exceed M 0.87 as well.


Yes what you are seeing is ground speed. That is different from your airspeed. When you are avoiding violations you want to be referencing the Indicated airspeed and the Mach. The ground speed depends on the wind too.

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