Max Sez "Carrier Decks". At SoCal; Miramar & 29 Stumps

Max Sez; thanks to Rotate who saw them first Carrier Decks outlines have been painted on these SoCal Runways. Another Bulls Eye for the Runway Guys… "Do Good Work):

KNKX ((MCAS Miramar). Runway 24 Left

KNXP (MCAF 29 Palms) Runway 10

Fighter Pilots; (No catapult or arresting gear installed. Made a launch & recovery with a 172 thus far without a Problem. F/A-18 next will report)


Pretty cool!


I just hit the deck at 29 Stumps in a F/A-18. Right Brake at 2 miles, all down at 3/4 miles. 3* down bubble, chop throttle just before the round down,
Insure you set brake on with the gear down, hand on throttle and full reverse when rears touch, trap. Bolter, full throttle, lift, alt, clean up go around. Do it again until you get it right. Max Sends


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Hahaha arrestor gear, my guess is at the same time that they add the forest moon of Endor as a region. That way we could lower the deflector shield and shoot carrier landings on the Death Star while we’re at it :)

Good stuff! These markings are a nice addition! Just tried with an F-14, but couldn’t get her stopped in time.


Ah you found the easter egg!

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I can’t fly a fighter jet as it is lol

@Down4Double… Loft it my friend. Back off the throttle, hold it off the stall, by 20k, let it bleed, loft it a bit over the round down (Deck end) slam it down, Reverse. Make sure you set the brake when you drop the gear it will act as an autobrake. Also pull the Pad all the way back… BingO. Max


Thanks for the tips! The “slam it down” part is where I struggle…

In the past I’ve noticed that Navy patterns are so much different than Air Force patterns. Even when operating the same type aircraft. The Navy puts the nose way up in the air, balls to the wall, and really slow down their airspeed. Basically putting the onus on their motors to keep them in the air instead of the wing. What a strange way to fly! I get it, but it definitely takes some getting used to.

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@Down4Double… Naval Air… The watch word is “Energy”! Alway “Energy”.
Carrier aircraft are designed to take a structural licking! Heavier frames and big blowers. Even with Hydralic assist you got to bull dog’em. Watch a video note the brake & short finals. Note the undercarrage as the craft catches the wire and the ability to go to full power if there a hook skip and relaunch (a Bolter),
No compressor stall, since power is available even with a chopped throttle.
Gonna have a Carrier Qualification Event in December. Practice makes perfect.
Even without arresting gear you can make it. Technique! (Don’t forget to set the spoiler/brakes to off if you get a Bolter). Regards, Max


@Kilt_McHaggis, Could you add another real world Easter egg for us, runway 72/252 @ KPMD? It’s not quite a carrier deck, but assault strips are fun as well.

Will need to discuss with @carmalonso


Idk what that those two boxes are, but to clarify… Runway 72/252 is the immediate parallel taxiway to runway 7/25. There are hold lines for the taxiway runway, and three lines to represent a touchdown box and end of runway. probably would need to add a runway, but this is really listed in airnav.

Sorry, I forgot to say thank you! I appreciate the consideration! I know it’s a pain, but it would be a nice prelude to C-130 ops once it gets added.

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Can you add a photo from satellite to be sure I know what you are looking for?

Pretty unique, but it even has hold lines. I think they use it for short field landing practice.

@Down4Double… STOL…ya got it… Max

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Can someone explain what is going on here?

@Benny87654321… Awile back a Feature was requested to add Expeditionary Airfield/Carrier Deck out lines on 2 MCAS runways in SoCal. The paint on outlines where to be used by Interested Pilots to practice STOL ops for a future C-130 and Fighter Carrier Landing Ops. The last update saw the installation of the carrier flight deck outline installed at Miramar & 29 Palms, Marine Air Stations in SoCal. This thread deal with the future placement of the STOL outline. Hope this answers the question, Max



Don’t get the wrong impression though, these are all real world markings that Kilt and his airport team have been kind enough to add.

This runway is published in airnav:

If you are a C-130 operator, it even provides contact info for service and basic instructions in the additional remarks. Kinda neat reading!