Max Procedure Tips: The “Forgotten Control Surface” (Revised)

MaxSez:A little wind or oversteer and drifting off the centerline?

Here’s the coordinated correction;

A little “Aileron” to Lower the Windward Wing into the prevailing wind “then” a bit of “Rudder” to realign. ( Video).

(FYI Aileron use for Cross Wind Landings, Takeoff’s & Coordinated Turns is rudely ignored by most bloviated Instructional guidance presented here! Caveat emptor.)

*Food for thought; “A greased Landing is the hallmark of an “Aviator”. It’s a visual accolade when viewed by one’s peers”! Follow the Tips below and your on to something good!


  1. Keep in mind there’s a difference between Approach Speed & Threshold Speed. (Threshold Speed = power reduction prior to entering the Round Out/Flare sequence followed by Ground Effect at or near the touchdown point.

  2. A “Landing is 2 Steps”; A “Round-Out” (Wings level, de-Crab/Slip/Alignment) then “Flare”.)

  3. Bonus: You can correct those 90deg AutoPilot Ailerons turns if your ahead of the turn and apply a bit of Rudder throughout the turn in all flight regimes.

Now the Coordinated “Aileron”/“Rudder” Procedure Video used in IMC or VMC by both GA & Trash Haulers. Watch the Link, always try to emulate it’s procedural guidance even while aloft.


(Old Crow Say; If you walk away it a good landing!)


You people who make fun of my landings with upwind wheel down first;
It might not look good but decrab works 🙂
Side note: Know your aircrafts limitations


I am a total fan of the wing low method and never decrab anymore!

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