Max ground speed on expert

Just a quick question, when global comes out, will the max ground speed limit be changed?

I believe its around ~550 knots at the moment not sure, but with jet streams, you can often hit 660 knots ground speed IRL.

Will the limit be raised taking this into consideration?

Possibly. The 550GS restriction was meant to be temporary, until they can work out a better solution. :)


Sorry but I already posted this

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sigh When will this old wives tale die?

550GS only apply to fighters below FL400. Even then, it was temporary for airliners until overspeed violations became hard coded. You won’t get to and maintain that in any airliner or GA as it stands right now due to violations being recorded past M.87.

3 and you’re ghosted.

So currently on expert, if your over FL400 you won’t get violated? I’m talking about the ground speed violation… :/

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In anything but a fighter you will still incur violations. Overspeed is a blanket M.87 limit on all Jet airliners, GA. Prop airliners, GA have different overspeed.

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Oh okay. But on global with jetstreams you can sometimes hit M0.95 ground speed.

Mach has a looser relationship with groundspeed than you think.

If I’m flying FL390, M.87 may be ~250 IAS/~500 TAS. Groundspeed could be as low as 350 if flying into 150kt headwind. Or as high as 650 if being pushed by the same speed tailwind.


Correct, Mach number is your speed relative to the speed of sound. This is because as you approach the speed of sound (ratio wise) the drag increases very fast. Groundspeed has nothing to do with Mach at all.


Each aircraft has red dots on the speed tape where the speed warnings stop. It depends on altitude and a number of other factors and could be different for each aircraft. Fighters over FL400 can go faster if I remember correctly.

While speeding on expert has been reduced, we still encounter people who ignore the warnings and ATC has to respond accordingly.

We will not know about the other aspects of global until it comes out. The restrictions are in place to help ATC out due to the unrealistic volume.

I mean ground speed, not airspeed. :)

Yes, but the airspeed warning translates to ground speed. The warnings in place also help to keep the ground speed to below the limit.

In other words if you do not overspeed with the airspeed, your ground speed will stay below the 550.

Yes but it is no longer ground speed which is measured as a restriction but a hard coded overspeed warning. It remains M.87 above FL400 same as at FL280, below this it reverts to 350 IAS down to 10,000ft and below this 250 IAS.

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