Max Graphics Christmas End Event @ KSEA - 052100ZJAN17

Server: *Expert

Region: *Seatle Washington

Airport: *KSEA

Time: * Thursday Jan.5 at 1-3 pacific standard time

NOTAM its is on expert so plateaus folow directions, and listen to all ATC rules.

Hey evryone so for Christmas as some of you may know I got a new iPad Air 2, just like some of you. If you got a new device and would like to Joine me, I would be happy to see you there. Please if your device can handle it put them on max graphics. Please I would love to have some active ATC. There are no designated routes for this event, but we will all be starting at KSEA. (Seattle Tacoma international) please come if you want too! Ther are no designated lieverys for this so come in any plane with any livery! Hope evryone will have fun!

Make sure you use the proper #live:events format in the future. I’ve fixed it for you this time. :)

Thankyou, sorry!

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