Max”For those who Dare!” This is a Aviators Airplane

MaxSez: So you think your a “Hot” Pilot. Prove it.
This Hanger Queen “Super Decathlon” is moldering on rotten row, forgotten! I say if you can master this hands on Aviators AIrcraft you can fly any aircraft in the inventory with panache. This includes those smoker fighters that suck thru the air. Strap one on at some remote field on any Server. Better yet fam first on Solo with it. Look for a Decathlon Aerobatic Event soon. Do ya Got the “Right Stuff”!


Agreed. Wait till you see the XCub however. Also, why is your anti-aliasing not on?


His device may not be as capable, so it’s best to turn it off for it to run smoother.


I wanna see Max’s Amazon review when he buys a new iPad.


@Levet… Firedog. My Air has given me excellent service for more than 5 years. It run for biz and pleasure for about 15 hrs a day. Got rid of my lap top and stand alone s when I retired. Air does it all, had Foreflight on it for a period when I was ride begging at the FBO. I’ve looked at the new Air, will buy it when this one goes t### up.
Warn Regards, MaxSends


Loved that thing right from the start.
Sad news that it’s going to go from IF 😩


@azeeuwnl. Hard to believe Laura would let this Champ upgrade vanish. It’s her Solo birth right and fond memory I suspect.
Regards, Max

Max, back in 2017 I did a lap of the Caribbean in a 172. You advised me to do something similar in the Super D - so I did. I flew around the Scottish isles finishing up at Oban. Thanks for the recommendation - and I agree that if you can master the Super, you can master anything.


You the man. I’m a fisherman at heart, sure would have loved to join you as a pax on the go noted, Warm Regards for the fond memories.

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We’ve crossed paths a few times down in Key West and Homestead Devil Dog. GA are my go to aircraft to hone in on skills and to sight see. Where’s your Conch Nation aircraft and fishing poles?

🎣 🐠 tight lines,
Fire Dog


Firedog, My Conch Republic Craft is Golf Cart with a Pole Rack on the sun roof and an equipment bussel. (Cataract surgery Impacted my depth perception. Choose not to cage rides with friends anymore as crew. Just an un- happy Pax who misses “High Flight”. As a substitute I’ll watch for you around the Keys or near the Everglades off shores SE Naples. Regards Ponyo, Max

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@Maxmustang catch me on the Casual Server. Heading to Key West now for some Touch and Goes.

Unable out the door in 5…

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