Max Fledgling thought for the day; “Fear of a Ghost is a sign of Weakness”!

MaxSez: Fear of a Ghost as you get closer to qualifying for access to the Expert Server can be daunting! Get over it, a “Ghost” is just another learning experience, like a violation and not the mark of Cain!

“Every Pilot must be confident in their own ability! They MUST have absolute confidence and assurance that they can take an airplane and make it do exactly what they wants it to do. They remain masters of any situation that might arise in flight. Fear of a ghost is a weakness, it must be overcome, set aside and confronted early on thru practical knowledge, flying skills & continual practice. “
Just Sayin, MaxSends


Couldn’t be said any better, thanks Max!

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Beautiful wording, and a great truth.

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I’ll leave this here. As long as you do the right thing, there should be nothing to fear. Spot on Max.


That being said, for anyone working there way up to expert, don’t be stubborn with old habits. If you’ve been doing something wrong on training or casual, expert isn’t the place to test your luck and taxi through grass, not use Unicom, etc.

I’ll admit, yeah three or so years ago when I got access to expert, I was nervous about ghosting. Why? Simple: I didn’t think I needed to know the ins and outs of atc or flying an aircraft. Where did that get me? My first ever ghost for doing acrobatics or something along those lines. Sat out for the 7 days or however long it is, decided I didn’t want this happening again and went back and spent time in the tutorials section, and time outside Infinite Flight on the web searching things up.

What did I take away from the ghosting? As long as you know you’re not doing anything wrong or against expert sever rules, then there’s no reason to be fearful of ghosting.



I really like the way you said this Max! When I was new I was afraid of ghosts but not anymore. I now am confident enough that if I get ghosted, I know it’s because of a mistake not a lack in my abilities.

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Well said Max. You’re right, lots of people start freaking out about getting ghosted when it’s, like you said, a learning experience.


Very well said! I remember my first day on Expert and I was so worried that I would get ghosted, and while unfortunately I did get ghosted on my first day, and yes it was frustrating, it wasn’t a big deal in the grand scheme of things. It was only a week which isn’t long, and from that ghosting I learned to not make the same mistake again :)


Without fear, there can be no courage. 100% of shots not taken, are shots missed.

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I would take this seriously if it didn’t say “lifehack quotes” on the bottom 😂

@Maxmustang Wise words indeed.


Ghosting to me is a synonym for learning.

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