Max Challenge: Expert Visual, “Roaring Fork” Approach/Final, KASE rway #15 (Aspen, Co), Second in a Series.

MaxSez: See those 2 interlocking Red TFR Circles in the central U.S. on the chart? That’s the Target for the day, KASE (Aspin) Flight Restricted for type and a Rocky Mountain High. Over VOR-DBL (Red Table) from the North KASE is a bit challenging IFR down the chute on a mountainous Approach in all weather and a killer at night. Only the skilled should shoot a day VMC visual to KASE #15 here? USE the the Visual Plate and the “Roaring Fork” leg depicted below and go for it!

This challanging non-precision visual is a fine training vehicle for Grade 3+ and those who dare! Just kick the tire, lite the fire, first one into the air is the leader on this one.
(First person posted who makes this visual today gets a BZ Hoist and a Max Gift Box)

Regards All, Max Sends


I’m on it!


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