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Tuesday Oct 4th 2016
Incident Airnorth E170 at Darwin on Oct 4th 2016, rejected takeoff due to airspeed disagree
Incident UTAir B735 at Moscow on Oct 4th 2016, unsafe gear
Incident ASL B734 at Belfast on Oct 4th 2016, burst main tyres on landing
Monday Oct 3rd 2016
Incident Swiss A320 at Pristina on Oct 3rd 2016, bird strike
Sunday Oct 2nd 2016
Incident Algerie A332 at Paris on Oct 2nd 2016, engine fire indication twice
Incident Lingus B752 near Boston on Oct 2nd 2016, engine problem
Incident American A321 at Orlando on Oct 2nd 2016, bird strike
Incident Jet2 B752 at Manchester on Oct 2nd 2016, flaps problem
Incident Aegean A321 at Athens on Oct 2nd 2016, gear problem after departure
Accident Egypt B738 at Cairo on Oct 2nd 2016, fire alarm during boarding causes injuries
Saturday Oct 1st 2016
Incident Berlin A332 at Berlin on Oct 1st 2016, rejected takeoff due to air conditioning problem
Incident British Airways B744 near Boston on Oct 1st 2016, bangs and vibrations
Incident Delta B772 at Sydney on Oct 1st 2016, hydraulic problems
Accident China Airlines A333 at Taipei on Oct 1st 2016, tail strike on go around
Accident TAAG B773 at Porto and Lisbon on Oct 1st 2016, departed with ground worker trapped in cargo hold
Friday Sep 30th 2016
Incident KLM B744 at Amsterdam on Sep 30th 2016, flaps problem on departure
Incident Lufthansa B748 near Shannon on Sep 30th 2016, first officer incapacitated
Accident Southern Charter B190 at Deadman’s Cay on Sep 30th 2016, gear up landing
Accident Jetblue A320 near Wilmington on Sep 30th 2016, turbulence causes injuries
Incident United B763 near Athens on Sep 30th 2016, passengers observe fuel leak
Incident Jetblue E190 near Baltimore on Sep 30th 2016, dual bleed failure
Incident Qantas B738 near Darwin on Sep 30th 2016, loss of cabin pressure
Incident TAROM B733 near Bucharest on Sep 30th 2016, burning odour on board
Thursday Sep 29th 2016
Incident Braathens Regional RJ1H at Malmo on Sep 29th 2016, stick shaker and stick pusher activated on departure
Incident Singapore A388 near Phuket on Sep 29th 2016, passenger oxygen masks released due to technical malfunction
Incident Austral E190 at Cordoba on Sep 29th 2016, bird strike
Incident Horizon DH8D at Boise on Sep 29th 2016, bird strike
Wednesday Sep 28th 2016
Incident Ryanair B738 near Glasgow on Sep 28th 2016, icing causes problems on both engines
Tuesday Sep 27th 2016
News Taiwan’s CAA investigates Eva Air for landing 30 flights in Taipei during Typhoon Megi on Sep 27th 2016
Incident Piedmont DH8A at Philadelphia on Sep 27th 2016, hydraulic problems
Incident Asiana A388 over Pacific on Sep 27th 2016, cargo smoke indication
Incident Nelson DH8C at Nelson on Sep 27th 2016, hydraulic smoke prompts evacuation
Incident Flydubai B738 at Multan on Sep 27th 2016, bird strike
Incident Etihad B773 at Abu Dhabi on Sep 27th 2016, engine failure
Incident Pskov AN24 at Pskov on Sep 27th 2016, runway excursion on landing
Monday Sep 26th 2016
Incident United B772 near Las Vegas on Sep 26th 2016, smell of smoke in cockpit
Incident Nepal A320 at Kathmandu on Sep 26th 2016, smoke in cockpit
Incident Skymark B738 at Nagoya on Sep 26th 2016, cabin did not pressurize
Accident Cebu AT72 at Cebu on Sep 26th 2016, rejected takeoff due to engine oil fluctuation, wheel fire on taxi and evacuation
Incident PAL A343 at Manila on Sep 26th 2016, smoke in cabin
Incident Spirit A320 at Niagara Falls on Sep 26th 2016, engine shut down in flight
Sunday Sep 25th 2016
Incident Wizz A320 at Memmingen on Sep 25th 2016, rejected takeoff due to bird strike
Incident American A333 over Atlantic on Sep 25th 2016, lack of flight crew oxygen
Incident United B738 at Denver on Sep 25th 2016, rejected takeoff due to bird strike
Incident Mesa CRJ9 near Louisville on Sep 25th 2016, loss of cabin pressure
Incident Delta B764 near Manchester on Sep 25th 2016, tablet battery thermal runaway
Incident France B772 at Paris on Sep 25th 2016, compressor stall
Incident ANA B763 at Tokyo on Sep 25th 2016, engine shut down in flight
Saturday Sep 24th 2016
Incident Sunwing B738 at Calgary on Sep 24th 2016, flaps problem
(Source: AvHerald)


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