Max at GRR, Spotting @KGRR

Had some time today to head down to the airport, only two planes, but one’s a max!

Here we have the spot of the day, a Southwest 737 max rotating out of GRR for Baltimore, Maryland. Fun fact, I took this flight in November, 2020!

rip horizontal stablizer @AndrewWu @Kamryn @Alec

The other spot, an old Delta A320 blasting off for Hotlanta, Georguh

Next up two spots while driving through the main part of the airport, a Delta CRJ-900 pushing for DTW, and an Allegiant A320 chilling at A1


El equipo

Nikon D40
55-200 mm zoom lense

That’s all for this week (hopefully RSW part 2 sometime next week)



Oh cool, a MAX, I like it!


The one and only😉


Was about to say no Allegiant. What was the registration on the Allegiant plane


Honestly, I tried to zoom in and look, from the blob I could make out N25#NV my guess would be either 7 or 6

Ahh gotcha. So it’s a 320. Honestly probably have worked it

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grr looks kinda sick

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Best shot I’ve ever seen from you, really nice job! Keep it up.


@Pinecone: it’s super cool! Construction on FIS is happening now 😁
@Pilot_Felix: thanks so much for the compliment ☺️


The 737 is amazing

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@Captian_Bryon it really is 😉, also welcome to the community!!

Fantastic pictures! I am especially a fan of such departure sequence pictures and you really succeeded in making these picture look very dynamic :)

Thanks for sharing!

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@JulianB: thanks, since it wasn’t a long spotting trip I was able to include more pics of the rotation😎

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Yo! Thanks for the 2 month bump 🙂


Amazing shots!

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2 months ago me, and currently me, say thank you

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