Max altitude

The max altitude is 147,000 feet. If you go too fast past that alt. your aircraft will get stuck in the vertical wall. (Just for anyone who was curious)
Edit: apparently not😂


What are you talking about?

I am saying that the max FL is FL147 or 147,000 feet. You can’t go any further. This info is for people who had been wondering.

What I mean is what’s the purpose of this post I don’t understand (and FL147 is 14,700’)

My mistake. I am sure some people are interested to know, so there is the info…

Pretty sure you can go to space, and it is more than 147,000ft

Really? I’ve tried twice. Bothe times the jet would get stuck at 147,000. I know this is all a bit of a joke, I’ve used to take IF very seriously, but after switching to PC I now use it for experiments and aerobatics.

I have reached 6,000,000 ft in an F22 with a common glitch, but that is normal compared to what other members do 😉

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WHAT?😂 More like “F-22 contact Heathrow Space controller on 118.2” How do you get that glitch?)

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i am

do you go to space?

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Check out this article & good luck!


Wow! Thanks!

how can you go up that high?

Hey swiss001 went to 220,000ft so 147,000ft is definitely wrong

My method was by going 1700kts low to the ground and then pull up 90 degrees vertical. But apparently you can go higher.

How do you do it though because when I go in the F-16 the max I can get is like 60-80 thousand… what plane are u using and like how…?

Reach 1500 kts, climb to 40,000ft, then nosedive to the ground and do not pull up, wait few minutes and your app will crash or you will get into space

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I’ve tried 2 times, both crash into the ground

You can go beyond FL147 and come back

I’ve already noticed that lol