MAX 9 Alaska Airlines OGG - PDX

Hello everyone. These are some photos I took on my flight home from Hawaii (yes that means I was depressed all flight) Time to leave this amazing beach.

Here is my plane. A Boeing 737 MAX 9 delivered to Alaska in December 2023. (To all you being haters yes the bolts were tight)

Here is my seat! I will be calling Seat 20A home for the next 5 hours and 40 minutes. Had a great view of an Alaska 737-800 next to us from Seattle.

Officially leaving Paradise. Pilots put flaps lower then normal due to us being heavy and short runway. They started to put the flaps up around 500 feet!

This sunset was just amazing. Thank goodness I was
In 20A and not 20F. Almost makes it worth going home(jk)

Sorry for the bad lighting. They left the lights on until we were on final. This was us making are left turn into PDX RWY 28L

Touchdown into PDX. Sorry I didn’t have another picture. It was midnight and I wanted to go home.


Flight Stats 

Airline: Alaska Airlines
Aircraft: 737 MAX 9
Seat: 20 A
Flight time: 5:28
Takeoff RWY: 02
Landing RWY: 28L
Departure gate: 15
Arrival gate: C13

All around I would fly the max any day. I felt safe every minute of that flight and comfortable. Would recommend to anyone!


I wish my flight back from Hawaii was as nice as yours.
I flew American and had a 3hour maintenance delay on top of 7hours and 30min pushback delay because someone doesn’t know the definition of “using the right pushback tug”


Can’t wait to be in this same position in less than 3 months!


Skill issue


American sucks, Everything about the experience as just bad. I refuse to fly them ever again.


I landed only a couple minutes before you 😆 Great photos! Hopefully your landing was smoother than mine lol

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That is why you don’t fly American my friend


Yea definitely not! He basically just let the aircraft weight throw us down

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i flew AA twice, out of KLAX to PHOG and back in 2018. Both were delAAyed (“mechanical issue”) and there weren’t enough hot meals to go around or something like that on the return flight


Haha nice joke I’ma steal that one.


Do you like hard landings. I like rough ones it’s an unpopular opinion i don’t know why. Soft ones are so uneventful for a guy like me

Soft landings:

Hard landings: YARN | Superhero landing. | Deadpool (2016) | Video gifs by quotes | 171bbf21 | 紗


Especially if the whole flight was smooth and the landing was smooth it’s satisfying but once in a while a rough one is nice it wakes you up. A380 landings are normally like that so after a good 7 hours flight the landing is what I look forward to. Hope you enjoyed Hawaii it seems like a lot of people on the IFC are going there at this time of year

That first picture.
What beach was that?

Nice photos and max trip report! Interesting visual effect here I couldn’t quite figure out (almost looks like pressure patterns…or alternatively maybe some kind of lighting optical effect):

Maybe just not on January 5…

Wailea Beach

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Idek my phone did not like having the lights on in the cabin


Dang y’all had delays on AA I didn’t have any

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Same thing happened to me I was filming a landing video in mid December when I flew with Emirates and we were landing at like 2am or so and the cabin crew left the lights on until landing and if you didn’t know the A380 has really thick windows resulting in a lot of reflections so I had to put the window shade down and slot my phone in between the window and the window shade. I hate it when cabin crew do that

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